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Scholium Project - any insights?

Never tried, have an opportunity to get some - anyone have any thoughts on their wines? They certainly sound unusual if nothing else.


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  1. I don't have any experience with them either, and they certainly sound intriguing. Here's some comments from a wine shop in NYC I trust.


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      The wine maker himself says that he doesn't drink his own stuff - 'nuff said.

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        I'm confused by your post, Caillerets. I didn't see that anywhere in Meng's two links. Please clarify.

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          Sorry - I was at a symposium where he made that statement - and he makes it pointedly. He's having fun, doing science projects, but he doesn't make wine that he wants to drink - and having had it, I agree with him.

    2. He used to make the wine for Luna, and did a great job there.

      He is an **extremely** bright man. Whether is also a making brilliant wine,
      I can't say as I haven't tasted his new stuff.

      1. I've tasted his lower end whites. The naucratis ($26)in particular. Verdehlo, high alcohol content but you don't feel it, full mouthfeel, slightly mercurial flavor, though you get a little bit of "seabreeze" on the finish. I found them very good, and totally unlike Spanish verdejo, though they have their detractors.

        1. the non-capitalized post-modern marketing has it's appeal.

          i wonder if he advertises in something like dwell or ID magazine

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            I really couldn't care less about the punctuation - I was more interested in knowing if anyone's tried the wines and what they thought of them.

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              did you opt for any finally? Vinfolio, btw, is a big fan of theirs, and you can see their comments for some of the wines. I'd be curious to hear your own impressions, esp on the reds. Like I mentioned before, a lot of mixed reviews in my research, especially on the reds. I believe his philosophy runs along the lines of "let the grapes grow and show themselves for what they are in this environment"

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                Yes, I did - a 6 pack of '05 Babylon (Petite Syrah), '06 Prince in his Caves (Sauv Blanc), '06 Sylphs (Chard), '07 Naucratis (Verdelho), '07 Gemella (also Verdelho, different style), '07 Eurydice (Pinot Gris). Won't be coming in till after the summer though.

          2. The Momofuku group of restuarants in NYC are a big fan of Scholium. I've had two of their whites there. The first was a cheaper one whose name I don't remember. The second was this one: http://scholiumwines.com/the_prince.html. I later bought a bottle of it in a local store. It had a serious mineral quality to it and was very fragrant. I liked it a lot. It was $50 in the store which puts it out of reach for me for everyday drinking.

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              I too tasted a couple whites at Ko, and fell in love. The Cena was absolutely mind blowing, Prince in His Caves was very good too, a bit more tame. I've since ordered a bunch of others, I'm hanging on tot hem for a few years before drinking them though :) If you can find a bottle of Cena, grab it. It's worth the ~ $65 price.

            2. Great article about Scholium and tasting notes in the SF Chronicle today:

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                Very interesting article. Thanks for the link, ML

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                  many thanks for that. He makes some of the more interesting wines I've tasted in my limited scope.

                2. Just wanted to add that I had my last bottle of Naucratis this past Sunday. While there did not seem to be anything "wrong" with the bottle, it did not taste like the others. There was almost a fizziness to it, as if it were bottled a bit too early that surprised me. It made me realize possibly why some people don't get his wines. I wouldn't recognize it as a bad bottle, but knowing his wines, this one was one dimensional, thin and the aforementioned light fizziness, almost as if a totally different wine had been put into the bottle.

                  1. Very interesting write-up today about Scholium in the New York Times by Eric Asimov:

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                      Obviously this is one of those situations where it's truly "Your mileage may vary," let alone "Caveat emptor," but I can't imagine that I am alone in thinking ***why on earth would I spend money on his wines?***

                      Someone wants to offer me a glass to taste, great! I'm ready, willing, and able; but to actually spend my own money on something this -- what, "far out"? Not me, said the little red hen . . .


                    2. First and only time I've tried any of the Scholium vintages was at French Laundry. The wine steward was quite enthused about subbing Scholium (I didn't find out which one) for one of the choices in the wine pairing. My take on it was surely no different than anyone who's tasted Scholium for the first time - - edgy, different and not quite to my liking, though I could understand why the wine steward suggested it and appreciated that he'd introduced me to something radically non-mainstream.