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Jun 14, 2008 06:48 AM

Korean Market in Central London

Hi does anyone know of a good Korean grocery shop in Central London? I think I had heard there was a place near Tottenham Court Road but I can't remember the name or location.

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  1. I didn't go in, but walked past one which was on one of the side streets off Tottenham Court Road. A quick google reveals that it was probably Hanna Supermarket on Store Street.

    1. Hanna Supermarket is the one--or at least the only one I know of--they have bibimbap and spicy pork downstairs in a small room with lots of students and Korean videos. Both are £3.50 and that's all they have. You pay upstairs in the store and then go give your receipt to the guys downstairs. It's a good deal and a cool place.

      1. Centre Point Food Store is on St Giles High St next to Tottenham Ct Rd station ( - it's larger than Hanna and they have kimbap, 'fresh' kimchi as well as raw marinated meats/seafood etc in their fridge.

        1. The original comment has been removed