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Jun 14, 2008 06:44 AM

Piero's 2-Mt. Kisco?

Has anyone dined here lately? I have always been curious about the place, but I never see/hear it mentioned. I know they also have a place in Port Chester that is supposed to be very good.

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  1. The place in Port Chester is very, very good. It's a neighborhood type of place but not a "red-sauce" Italian and its not an everyday quick dinner price point but not outrageously expensive especially for Westchester. Give it a go and if it's nearly as good as Port Chester I'm sure you'll have a very good meal.

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      It's better-than-average as a neighborhood Italian place for the Mt. Kisco area in my experience. Pretty small and tight on space and pretty popular (full every time I've been there) so be aware of that. The staff are friendly and competent, the prices aren't bad. Pretty down-to-earth and not terribly expensive as I recall (haven't been in a while but that's my recollection.)