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Jun 14, 2008 05:49 AM

not impressed by movida

tried the ortiz, pulpo , jamon iberico and cecina..
the ortiz was ok, but the tomato sorbet abit too acidic..
jamon iberico was nothing to shout abt, it had a lingering gamey flavour which was present in all the other dishes later on, which i duno if it was the jamon or the other dishes itself.
.. the pulpo octopus didnt taste good.. and the potatoes had a flavour(a bland flavour) i did not like...
cecina was too heavy on the palate. the potato truffled puree + poached egg was too heavy to be matched with the fatty wagyu..again the air cured meat had that gamey smell and taste to it..
i couldnt finish the wagyu

all in all, very disappointed

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  1. Have eaten at Movida a few times and have had mixed experiences. but have to admit the Ortiz anchovy - tomato sorbet thingy is a favourite of mine. Find Movida a little overpriced and always rushed service givin gthe distinct impression that you are eating into their time into their profit....
    Have you tried Bar Lourinha, a great tapas bar in the city also?

    1. Went to Movida last Sunday 6 July. Wonderful food with matching service which was knowledgeable and friendly. Lucil you missed the point. Found the ortiz to be a fine wake up for the tastebuds and followed this with an absolute knockout- scallops, jamon potato foam a cliche to say but can only select the adjective sublime. All dishes tried fantastic, loved the slow roasted goat and you've got to have the morcilla. Frank Camorra is a genius.