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Jun 14, 2008 04:37 AM

quality of beef from whole foods or amish market

how's the quality of the steaks at whole foods at the columbus circle or 14th street locations? i want to buy a top sirloin steak and i'm curious how fresh and costly their selection is another butcher. i'm in midtown east if there are better options nearby (doesn't have to be grassfed beef either).... the amish market is also nearby if you know about that.

i'm a newbie at steak purchasing...


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  1. If you are in midtown east (my area) you would be MUCH better off buying your steak at Simchik on First Avenue just north of 54th Street. A thousand leagues better than WF steaks, in my opinion.

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      perfect! i'm only a few blocks from there

    2. Is cost a factor? Makes a difference if yay or nay.

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        1. If price isn't a concern, you may be interested in this blind comparison of rib-eyes made by Laurent Tourondel. Whole Foods is one of the contenders.

          1. I just picked up a couple of sirloin steaks at Simchick this morning. I bought the 21-day aged ones which, always at reasonable price, is a non-splurge steak staple for a steakaholic like me. It's in my neighborhood and, as these guys seem to know their meats very well, is a good recommendation by erica above.

            I've bought at Amish, which is OK, but is a notch or two below Simchick imho.

            Cierello in the Grand Central Market is my next best alternative to Simchick.