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Jun 14, 2008 04:07 AM

Rhinebeck: Le Petit Bistro

My husband and I just had a fabulous dinner at Le Petit Bistro. Of all the restaurants in the area (and there are many excellent restaurants because of the close proximity to the Culinary Institute of America) this is our favorite. These are the reasons why: there is always an electric buzz at the restaurant. We love Phil the bartender who can put together a margarita par excellence. The piping hot biscuits that are distributed throughout the meal are delicious. The butter is tastier than anything you'll find anywhere. The quality is consistently high. The service is excellent. It is fun to go if simply to experience Daniel who brings the chalk board and reads the daily specials (my husband does a great imitation of Daniel).

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    1. re: gspeed

      I agree - I went to LPB last year for the first time after wanting to go for ages. We had an excellent meal - all of four of us were well satisfied and we are a picky bunch. Service was great in general, and we also enjoyed the reading of the specials. I would go back in a minute.

      1. re: LJNew

        LPB is very heavy, boring french food. If you are going to Rhinebeck, this would be the last choice. A much better choice is Gigi Trattoria. It's a fantastic place to have lunch outside. Excellent quality with emphasis on local products.

        1. re: organiclover

          "Boring"? Hard to believe that classic French Bistro food that is always expertly prepared and served in a nice, homey atmosphere can be boring. While I also like Gigi's I find the Le Petit to be a vastly superior dining experience. Is it that the chef doesn't take enough chances for you? While some restaurants like the high wire act, give me a place that understands that sometimes quality ingredients treated with respect is all you really need.

          1. re: organiclover

            Heavy?? Boring?? What restaurant are you eating at? If you consider this food heavy, you must not eat out much. Boring? Bistro food is simple, not to be confused with boring. If you want excitement, go to New World Home Cooking over the river. It won't be edible, but it will be EXCITING!

            1. re: organiclover

              I have to strongly disagree. Yes the regular menu at Le Petit is standard french bistro stuff--but there is nothing wrong with it (a nice roast chicken really hits the spot sometimes). However, the chef really struts his stuff on the specials, which are always fresh, interesting and excellent. This restaurant is first rate.

              1. re: organiclover

                Either the reviewer has never been able to get a reservation at Le Petite Bistro...OR is from Gigi's Restaurant. Unfounded review in any case.

          2. If you love LPB go around the corner to Calico, it is my fave restaurant in the area, excellent but small so be sure to make a reservation and be sure to leave room for dessert because they are amazing there! Bistro french is my fave cuisine and this little corner of rhinebeck has some of the best!