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Jun 13, 2008 10:22 PM

Palm Springs/La Quinta Vegetarian Options

Hello, I'm headed to the La Quinta resort in July with my strict vegetarian boyfriend (no meat, no eggs, dairy is ok). Does anyone have recommendations for places with good vegetarian options that do NOT include Native? We already have plans for Native, but are looking for more options.
I'd love to find a place where vegetarian does not equal overcooked pasta with a bland tomato sauce or just a baked potato. Upscale would be nice, somewhere that will make a tasty vegetarian treat and also has a lot of options for little old omnivore me.

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  1. Palm Springs is a loooong drive from La Quinta - are you willing to drive that far? Amazingly, traffic now is bad in the summer too here. Closer options are Indian Wells and Palm Desert.

    In Palm Desert, Sullivan's does not have any vegetarian entrees, but a large choice of vegetable side dishes that are all pretty good. I also really like Cork Tree, but same situation & on the 'other side' of Palm Desert.

    I imagine the Adobe Grill at LQ Hotel would have some vegetarian options.

    Do a search for restaurants in those cities, then check out the menus & see what they have to offer both of you!

    Arnold Palmer's in LQ is very popular - I've never eaten there, but I took a quick look at their menu & again, some interesting Veg appetizers and sides, that you could make a good meal out of, but no entrees. Castelli's PD is old-style Italian, with veg pasta options. In Rancho Mirage, Shame on the Moon & Villa Abate are two good options, both with veg. entrees.