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Jun 13, 2008 09:53 PM

Baskin Robbins soft-serve - not offensive

Not good ... not bad ... just meh

Not as good as Carvel, Dairy Queen or Foster Freeze. Better than McDonalds and Wendy's ... though I'm really not sure what the heck that is they serve at Wendy's.

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  1. this feels like giving in on their part. baskin robbins has always been about high quality, old-fashioned ice cream. it's like audrey hepburn finally traded in her little black dress for bell-bottoms.

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    1. re: beelzebozo

      Baskin Robbins ... high quality and old-fashioned?? Really?

      I've always just thought of them as Mc-IceCream (e.g. the ice cream version of McDonald's). Nothing fancy, just striving for maximum mass appeal.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        When they first started they were good ... though they opened before I was born ... in 1945. Through about the 80's they were good.

        It was basically cream, sugar and interesting flavors. Then came the chemical revolution with all that junk. Though they don't often use HFCS, they do use regular corn syrup in addition to sguar. The are just too cloyingly sweet these days. .

        They just were bought too many times and things really went downhill under Dunkin Donuts

        The soft serve just has too much junk in it ...

        Ingredients: vanilla soft serve (water, sugar, nonfat milk, cream, mousse emulsifier/stabilizer blend [partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil and/or coconut oil, corn syrup solids, sodium caseinate (milk protein), propylene glycol monoester, mono & diglycerides, cellulose gum, acetylated monoglycerides, guar gum, carrageeenan, standardized with sucrose], soft serve emulsifier/stabilizer blend [mono & diglycerides, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, cellulose gum, polysorbate 80, carrageenan, standardized with dextrose], vanilla flavor)

        Hmmm ... looking at their site I never realized they had regional flavors ... junk or no the creole cheesecake sounds good.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          well, it's nothing like the mom and pop place that i know about in my town that is only accessible through a secret trap door in the basement of an abandoned newspaper factory. they make their own ice cream from the milk of a cow that eats not but a 10x10 patch of grass that is tested daily for the proper nutrients and continually regrown for maximum deliciousness.

          but yes, for practical purposes and for the masses who don't have access to my little secret spot, baskin robbins ain't so bad.

          1. re: beelzebozo

            The point is that that stuff isn't necessary. It was better tasting without it. There are still better choices. Hageen Daaz still uses good ingediants. Breyers, though they are starting to slide, sells ice cream that you don't need a chemistry degree to understand. Price-wise they are competitve with BR and a few ice cream shops in my area sell Breyers by the scoop.

            Also, I'm lucky in that I'm in an area that has a few ice cream makers ... some of them pricy ... some of them less expensive than McDonalds ... like the Mexican ice cream maker who litterally takes 10 hours to hand churn ice cream in a wooden barrel and charges $1 a scoop. Walk into the shop and there are crates of strawberries, bags of sugar and a case filled wilth milk and cream.

            But some places have more options than others.

            Your profile says you are from Ashland. I read Crisps Dairy Treat still makes their own ice cream.

            And if you are ever in Bowling Green, there's Chaney's Dairy Barn which has flavors that sound better than BR ... Big Red Rumble, Peach (made with Jackson's Orchard Peaches), Strawberry (made with local strawberries), Blue Moon, etc.

            After you get a cone, you can tour the farm and see the Jersey cows that are used for the milk in that ice cream ... oh wait ... I thought you were joking about the cows ...

        2. re: beelzebozo

          But Audrey Hepburn would give me a quiver in my liver even if she wore a potato sack. A classic beauty.

          Baskin Robbins, not so much. I can't get excited about any ice cream product that is served in an adjoining Dunkin Donuts shop.

        3. I second this. And don't waste your money on a 31 below, their version of the blizzard unless you havea coupon. The small one is $4 There was a good amoutn of mixins but the fudge brownie one had been overmixed and was soupy

          1. I was never too satisfied with Baskin Robbins, but I LOVE their Mango "Bold Breeze." It tastes like a liquid mango and actually has the texture of frozen pureed fruit.

            1. Maybe not offensive, but what is disappointing and a shame is that a name and brand that had a history and an identity is just spreading its offerings in a pennies for dollars sacrifice. Sorta like if In-N-Out Burgers began offering a mediocre chicken sandwich.

              Scooping ice cream at Baskin Robbins was my first job. I got $1.15 an hour, all the ice cream I wanted to eat, and a very strong right wrist. Single cones were 18 cents, doubles 30, and sundaes, shakes or sodas 50 cents, and that was pretty much the menu. Much of the ice cream was really good, especially the french vanilla, mint chip, and jamoca almond fudge. At that time, they had created 131 flavors, and about a dozen of the 31 served any month rotated and changed, and many customers noticed and cared about their favorites. Many competitors have come and gone, including HoJo (loved their fried clams and hat-shaped scoops), Swenson's, and are any Friendly's still around? I just think it is stupid, short-sighted, and risky for Baskin Robbins to risk their credibility by chasing after a DQ costomer.

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              1. re: nosh

                Friendly's are plentiful in Massachusetts (but they also have taken a nosedive in quality). Swensen's I haven't seen in a while but I believe there are a few still around.

              2. I like the soft serve. And honestly I grew up on BR and there is no other brand of ice cream for me!