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Jun 13, 2008 09:48 PM

Fountain Hills - Boulevard Cafe' - French BYOB

Had a delightful dinner here tonight with another couple. The owner Patrick and Nora have been in the restaurant business in California and previous to that in the South of France for twenty years.

The menu does tilt towards the seafood of the south of france though three of our party ordered the Duck. It was prepared well though I like duck extra crispy and this was not. Our salads and apps were ordinary and nothing special. Dessert was very french and possibly some of the best in the Valley.

They do not have a liquor license now and allow everyone to bring their own wine. We were not charged a corkage.

Only twelve tables, open breakfast, lunch and dinner. Truly a nice family owned place in Fountain Hills.

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  1. Went back to Boulevard Cafe' today for lunch. Wife ordered the Crogue Monsieur ($7.25) I ordered the salmon crepe ($8.50), iced tea and a soda. Place was about half full at 1:00PM, of those the majority werre speaking french. Got a Sucre Crepe to go ($2.95), total bill was $25.00. A total good deal. Our newest favorite little french place.

    1. My wife, daughter and I just found this place this weekend too - and what a gem. We had a nice, casual lunch with a delicious and very authentic buckwheat crepe filled with chicken, mushrooms, and bechamel. It came with simple greens dressed with balsamic vinaigrette. My wife had a ham and swiss on baguette. The bread was excellent. The sandwich was american style, with lots of filling. Side of potato salad. I told the owner we would've liked it better with just a little ham and some butter, French style. He said he served them like that because Americans all want big portions. Anyway, it was still good. They had fries on the menu but when we tried to order some (my 5 year old daughter wanted some) they said they only do fries at night and do roasted potatoes during the day. Then the owner brought us some of the roasters for my daughter, no charge. We also shared a lemonade and a "Fragola" smoothie - a combo of pineapple juice, orange juice, strawberries, cream and grenadine. Less sweet than you'd think and very refreshing.

      Total bill was around $25 - a very good value. We will definitely go back - I want to try the various mussel dishes at dinnertime. I really hope they can make a go of it in Fountain Hills. Though we only had one meal I think it could become a regular stop, sort of like Andreoli's but French.

      One more note - for those with little kids this is a good restaurant to check out in conjunction with a visit to the Fountain Hills splash park, which is right down the street.