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Jun 13, 2008 09:26 PM

first sonic in minnesota, what the..?

So, I've been seeing sonic commercials in our market for years but it seems that we have our first franchise here in Minnesota (the closest one otherwise looks like sioux falls, IA)
I drove by today and there was a giant crowd at the opening (actually kind of sad and doesn't say much for the eats around here maybe..)

So what gives? I need some testimonials from the Sonic connoisseurs out there..what's good? why is it good? why is it such a big deal? (here you may have to imagine yourself seeing sonic commercials for years and then suddenly having one pop up in your midst maybe..)

What's the skinny? (or i'm guessing not so skinny..if I'm wrong tell me!..)

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  1. I like the drive-in aspect. I like to bring my cats for non-vet related drives and it fits the bill.

    I especially like their cherry limeade - very tasty & refreshing. The burgers & such seem similar to most fast food places imo. For me, they are fairly interchangeable. But love the cherry limeade! For some odd reason the cats are very into the tater tots...

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      Wow, I grew up on Sonic here in the South, don't know where they originated and didn't know they were not everywhere by now. They have cheese tots, foot longs, onion rings to die for. I don't eat fast food but Sonic is one chain fast food place I will go to. And when I was growing up, all the hot girls at the high school were the car hops! Chicks on skates bringing ya' food, you can't beat that!!

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        I haven't been thrilled about the new Sonic because I think there are some great indie places in the Twin Cities that serve the same function, such as Dari-ette in St. Paul, which is a "drive-in", or Conny's Cream Cone, which is just a snack shack, but now that I hear the cherry limeade is good, I feel cherrylime must go and check it out (and report back, please) just on principle! Funny about your cats and tater tots...


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          I think it is a combination of salt and swat-ability...playing with food seems to add to the deliciousness for the four-legged set!

          Oh, I also find the Sonic commercials funny!

          The Twin Cities are fortunate having a choice of indies - they are getting few and far between in many areas. They get my dollar when I can find them!

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          You bring your kitties for drives? Guess i need to do the same with mine.But don't when you open the window worry about your babies getting out?My old cat Blackie rode one day with me to the Schertz library,but when i opend the door,Blackie started to put his head out,so I took the boy home.Oh how I miss my boy.Funny the cats like tater tots.
          I like to go there sometimes and sit in the car and eat,just like when I was a kid growing up and we'd go to the drive in sometimes and eat.
          Also,at the Sonics here in Schertz you can also sit out side at the picnic benches and eat too. There is one on FM78 that goes to Seguin and RandolphAFB,and then one also at Interstate 35 North and FM3009.Which is strange,since there is only one McDonalds and Jack In The Box in town.
          We have a Starbucks on the I-35 access road,and down where Elbel Road and FM3009 meet,near Clemens H.S.,they plan to put another Starbucks on the corner.They already have some apartments they are building,plus plans for a shopping center there.Schertz was ranked by Money Magazine the No.1 place in Texas to live.Boy,tell that to the deer and rabbits that are being driven out from all the house building around here.
          I sometimes get tator tots instead of fries,and I like how they have hot dogs too.
          I had some sort of chicken sandwich from them that was pretty good.
          Around here too you can get their blackberry tea which is yummy.

        3. The sandwiches are pretty much average for fast food. Their hook is a wide variety of good drinks (cream pie shakes, flavored limeades, power ade slushes, etc.) and some decent and occasionally rotating sides.

          1. As others have said, I think the drinks are the major draw for Sonic. They used to have a killer peach smoothie/slushy thing that had big chunks of peach in it. They may still have it, but it might depend on the location. The food is so-so. I don't think I've ever really enjoyed any of the food I've had, but my sister loves their breakfast burritos.

            And FYI -- Sioux Falls is in South Dakota, Sioux City (about an hour south on I-29) is in Iowa. It's important for residents of both states to get that right.

            1. A cheeseburger with chili, tater tots with cheese and a cherry lime aid- doesn't get much better than that!

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              1. re: Clarkafella

                The drink and slushie selection are what I go for.... that and they serve the whole menu from 6 a.m. through the night... so if the mood hits you can have a greasy burger and a cherry slush on the way to work.