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Jun 13, 2008 07:03 PM

Takeout from Tradiciones (Ranch Market)

One night, on the way home from work, I stopped in to get some tortillas and chicken to take home because I didn't feel like cooking after a long day... and it was the best takeout combination I ever had.

They sell half chickens grilled on the outside mesquite fire which are just wonderful and inexpensive. I think about $6? The hostess informed me that they were out of tortillas, and it would take a few minutes... I figured they probably had some frozen, but one minute later I see her and the manager go outside with a huge bowl of masa and start balling up the dough, pressing it and setting it on the grill. 5 minutes later, I had the fresh tortillas and chicken in hand. When i got home, I heated up some black beans and made rice, put some salsa on the table and had a great dinner.

It's a good idea if you work downtown, don't want to cook, but would rather sit at home in comfy clothes than at a restaurant.

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  1. Excellent suggestion! Is the same chicken avaiable inside the market?

    1. I wish we lived close enough to pick this up. Lucky you!

      The Food City here in chandler used to do the chickens on the grill. A chicken, tortillas and salsa for $6 or $7. It was great. They stopped doing it when they opened the food court a few years back and we still miss the chickens.

      1. We've done this on a few Sunday afternoons when my parents are coming over for dinner, but we just don't feel like cooking.

        It's really just an excuse to get some horchata. :)

        1. Chicken, carnitas, carne asada, birria, tortillas, it's all good. I do this from Food City about once a month since it's on the way home from work, but Ranch Market is much better.

          I told my friend about RM and their take-out months ago, and today I get a text, "Man this Ranch Market is great!" No kidding.