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Jun 13, 2008 06:46 PM


Had lunch at the Liberty Village site Noon and I was the only patron there...ordered the Quiche of the day...Mennonite Chicken Leeks and Assiago cheese. with Frites..and a glass of wine at $14.00 a glass and it's a wine that sells at the LCBO for $12.00 a bottle..the first bite of the quiche was yummie and full of melted cheese...but that ended after one bite...and I couldn't even eat the pastry grey hard and chewy..and the frites were tasteless...never go back.... and this was my third visit....Miranda

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    1. re: grilledcheese

      Hey Grilled cheese....service was okay....Miranda

      1. re: miranda

        Well, that's something new for Thuet. ;-)

    2. I work in Liberty Village and have only been once since opening, that was enough for me.
      My lunch (which I took out). took 35 minutes to prepare, cost a fortune for what it was and tasted, meh!
      I have bought his breads to take home, expensive but delish!

      1. $14 a glass? Holy Moley!!