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Mendocino and vicinity? What's to eat...


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    1. MendoBistro, downtown Ft. Bragg

      1. Rendezvous Inn, Fort Bragg
        Piaci Pizzeria - home of the adult pizza - Fort Bragg
        North Coast Brewing Co. - Fort Bragg
        Laurel Deli - Fort Bragg

        Haven't been eating much in Mendocino lately - Cafe Beaujolais isn't what it used to be, nor is 955 Ukiah. I have heard good things about MacCallum House, but haven't been recently.

        But you can't go wrong with the first four.

        Piaci Pub & Pizzeria
        120 W Redwood Ave, Fort Bragg, CA 95437

        Rendezvous Inn & Restaurant
        647 N Main St, Fort Bragg, CA 95437

        North Coast Brewing Co
        444 N Main St, Fort Bragg, CA 95437

        Laurel Deli & Desserts
        401 N Main St, Fort Bragg, CA 95437

        1. Mendocino Cafe in Mendocino is always a favorite of ours.

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            Is Mendocino Cafe next to the water tower facing the headlands?

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              We always have at least one meal at the Mendocino Cafe when we are in town. Fresh ingredients (some local) in Mexican, American, and Asian inspired dishes. Always been good.

              We also like Chapter and Moon in Fort Bragg. Always have breakfast there, but I wanna try dinner and lunch too! Nothing mindblowing there, just good ingredients prepared well. Very relaxed atmosphere right down by the water at the mouth of the river.
              Chapter and Moon
              32150 N Harbor Dr
              Fort Bragg CA 95437
              (707) 962-1643

            2. What about Mooosse (sp?) cafe? Ate there many years ago and remember it as being quite good....Also looking for a place for a special 50th B-day dinner for the S.O. Is the rendezvous my best bet? Thanx in advance for the feedback, Adam in Oakland.

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                The Moosse Cafe is still quite good. We like it especially for lunch, but dinner is good too. The macaroni and cheese at lunch is to die for...and the chocolate pudding which they have lunch and dinner is stuff that dreams are made of.

                Mendocino is not a great food town, nor are there any outstanding restaurants in the vicinity. Aside from the Moosse, there are a few pretty good places to eat.

                Although yes, the Cafe Beaujolais isn't what it was when it was owned by Margaret Fox and frequented by Julia Child, it still is quite good, and probably the best restaurant in the area.

                We also enjoy the Little River Inn quite a lot. It's informal, reasonably priced, and serves consistently rather good food. We've never had a bad meal there. Also, they will pick you up at your hotel, and drive you back...a nice touch if you want to imbibe without worry.

                If you have any vegetarians in your group, you might try The Ravens at the Stanford Hotel...it's pretty good if you like that sort of stuff.

                955 Ukiah is just ok, and I would not recommend it. Same for the MacCallum House and Mendo Hotel.

              2. I have to disagree about the MacCallum House with the caveat that I have not been there in a year. The dining room menu and atmosphere left much to be desired, but the glassed-in porch with its Cafe Menu was very comfortable with some tasty choices.

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                  i was speaking of the main dining room at the MacCallum house which on one visit in the past year was ok, and on a second visit was barely ok. The Cafe is likely very pleasant as you say, but I have not eaten there.

                2. My favorite Mendocino restaurants are: MacCallum House for the great organic cuisine - the real deal and considered now the best in the area - and love its café scene with Big Plates and cool drinks and then the Moosse, followed by Cafe Beajolais, not as good as when under Margaret Fox but good enough. Also recommend the Mendo Bistro where the chef is really inventive, meaning he is always exploring. Kim's Rendezvous is often good and also like Piaci for excellent thin-crust pizza.

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                    Curious to know when you most recently visited the Mac Callum House. It was wonderful a few years ago, but when I went on two occasions about a year ago it was just barely ok. Interested to hear when you most recently visited it and found it "great".

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                      Same chef there for 17 or so years. I think he is better than ever. I eat there frequently whenever I am in Mendocino. Wine Spectator called it the best in the area - their press is pretty amazing. Check it out on their website.

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                        I guess we must have unfortunately hit it on an off night...twice in a row! I know that it was great in the past, so I think we will give it another try based on your recommendation. However I must say that on our last visit about a year ago there were multiple problems...food not hot, beef not cooked as ordered, and although we did our best to be as understanding and polite as possible, our complaints were not well accepted.

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                          All restaurants can have those horrible off nights when nothing goes right. Give it another try and let me know how it goes. I am a serious foodie and praise has to be earned for me to give it.

                  2. What about the restaurant at Stevenswood Lodge? I ate there about five years ago and it was excellent. Is it still any good?

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                      I think it's supposed to be pretty good, but I have not been there recently, so cannot say for sure. Sill think that Moosse, Beaujolais, and Little River are probably the best spots.

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                        The thing about Stevenswood is they keep changing chefs so you never know. The big name Randy Lewis was there, supposed to be a big deal and he is good, but he didn't stick around. Don't know who the chef is now.

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                          Toodie jane, Thanx for the warning...I just called our hotel and they said the town of Mendo. is smoke-free, but the drive up from Oakland will likely be pretty smoky @ times. Also, they warned to watch out for wild-life that may be fleeing the fire. Life in Cali.= always an adventure...sigh.

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                            I was there on Saturday and it was still pretty smokey. I'm sure it's better today. I'd also suggest the Coffee House in Mendo. Just down the block from Mendosa's Market.

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                              Try Nit's Cafe on Main St. in Ft. Bragg. Tiny place, Thai/American fusion, food presentation beautiful and food itself delicious.