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Jun 13, 2008 05:57 PM

How to refluff pasty mashed potatoes..

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I beat half of my boiled potatos with half and
half, s&p and butter in my kitchenaid. this half is now somewhat pasty..i still have the other half left which is somewhat lumpy..I 've semi combined them. My plan was to use the hand potato masher from here but wanted to know if there's something else I should do or not do?

In other words, any fluffy fool-proof mashed potato secrets?(probably, maybe for next time at this point) I've heard a ricer is best don't currently have one..We're making baked hams and redeye gravy for my sons graduation party tomorrow. It'll be good no matter what but help with the taters please!

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  1. I make mashed potatoes all the time in my Kitchenaid. Careful not to add too much liquid. At this point I would try adding some instant mashed potato flakes.

    1. One reason potatoes can get gummy is overbeating. So I would definitely try not to overbeat them from here. I think your idea of using the handmasher rather than the kitchenaide for the next step is a good one.

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        thanks for the tips! (it's surprising how tasty those potato buds are sometimes!)

        I did just use the handmasher and they seem like they'll be ok..what about reheating them tomorrow? should i just warm them in the oven or do it on the stovetop?

        i knpw these seem like novice questions but mashed potatoes are one of these unexpectedly delicate things that i don't make too often..

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          No fail way of making never gluey, never lumpy mashed potatoes is to use a ricer. It's easy, quick and you'll have perfect MPs every time.

          Using an electric mixer is too uncertain - temperature of the potatoes, the amount of water they've absorbed during cooking, amount of added liquid and it's temp can all affect the outcome, and these vary every single time - stick with tried and true methods, namely a ricer.

          1. re: maisonbistro

            I agree with the ricer. I love my ricer.

            About your gluey mashed potatoes, I don't think you can fluffen it up. What you can do is make mashed potato cakes.

      2. for twice-cooked potatoes, my brother actually beats a few egg whites up until peaks form and folds them into his mashed potatoes. they are great. you could probably do the same for these.