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Jun 13, 2008 05:36 PM

Saturday Brunch in Scarborough

ok, here is the deal...we are taking in-laws out for brunch and they live out in the east end of Scarborough (pt union/lawrence - so might as well be Pickering).

we do not really know the area and they are unwilling to come closer to the city. in order to avoid swiss chalet or some other food nightmare I am looking for suggestions. I would love a proper brunch...but anything decent food, not too $$ and not chinese (they wont go for this - already suggested).


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  1. The Black Dog Pub, sort of on the border between Scarborough and Pickering, serves brunch on Saturdays and it definitely offers more than your basic pub -

    Black Dog Pub
    87 Island Rd, Toronto, ON M1C2P6, CA

    1. i like the by the bluffs diner. it is on kingston road between mccowan and bellamy.

      there is also the wexford diner on lawrence. (i think?)

      1. I think Sisters Restaurant is on Kingston Road almost that far.It was mentioned in a recent posting

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          I've taken parents, etc. to Sisters for brunch and it went over well. Not sure whether it meets Googs' definition of brunch but with a buffet ranging from eggs and breakfast foods to roast beef and lunch foods, it fits my definition.

          Amazing Ted's is ok if you're looking for a diner with both breakfast and lunch, but despite the reviews I don't find it all that amazing.

        2. First, let's get one thing straight. It is a physical impossibility to 'brunch' in Scarborough. It simply doesn't happen. One can 'breakfast' and if it happens to be eggs at 1pm it's still breakfast. The later hour only increases the likelihood of it being referred to as 'hair of the dog'. Now that we're clear as to what to expect east of Victoria Park...

          The most frequently positive reviews seem to be the the well-named Amazing Ted's which, as your luck would have it, is about 2 blocks from your in-laws intersection.

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          1. re: Googs

            Concise and to the point as always Googs(Said with great admiration!)

            1. re: Leslieville

              it is quite a sad brunch out that way? not saying that amazing teds might not be amazing or that i dont like pub grub...just not interested in any dog hair.

              perhaps i will try to convince them to drive west of vic park. does the danforth have any saturday "brunch" offerings?