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Jun 13, 2008 05:22 PM

Paella Catering

I'm thinking of having a Paella party at my house this summer. Although I love to make Paella this time I'm going to relax and let someone else do the cooking. Any recommendations/warnings?

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  1. I do all the prep for my paella functions, then I turn it over to the crowd. They usually stand around the pan drinking, putting in different things, and amazingly it turns out wonderful.

    1. Hey cburnsi,

      A paella party is particularly persuading. In which city can co-readers construct concoctions?

      Sorry for the alliteration, all answers are acceptable :)

      Love duck833's decision to the dilemma. ,


      1. last year I met a man at a 'foodie' function that does Paella catering in Seattle....sorry I can't remember his name....try 'googling' it...he's out

        1. I forgot to mention that I'm in Seattle so the caterer would have to be local to here.

          I've heard of two places, but it is hard to find reviews (except the ones they post on their sites). One is the Paella King - who is I assume staffstuff is referring to. The other is Azafron. Does anyone have any experience with either? I'm going to give the Spanish Table a call and see who they recommend.

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            I've had the Paella King's paella; it was outstanding. Highly recommended.

            1. re: Luwak

              Good to hear about the Paella King's paella...why was it so good?

              1. re: staffstuff

                Although I’ve spent some time in Spain I am hardly an expert on paellas. I’m sure that the Paella King himself could give you a much better idea of why his paella is so good. I attended a large party at a friend’s home in Seattle, and he prepared a huge paella in a pan about three feet across. I THINK that it was made on-site, although I did not witness the preparation. I daresay it took him most of the afternoon to make it. I chatted with him about the dish, and he certainly seemed to know what he was doing. Good fresh ingredients and expert technique. Of course, even in Spain opinions differ on the exact components and methods of a great paella.

                He was a wonderful source of information on other things Spanish: olives, almonds, wine, music, etc. I believe he also plays flamenco guitar, or can certainly recommend some people who do. I have not had the opportunity to taste Azafron’s wares, but I’d sure like to. I do love a good paella!

                1. re: Luwak

                  I can attest to the Paella King making a great paella.. He has lived in Spain and is also a flamenco player. If you want music and paella he can also give you some references for other players as it's hard to cook and play at the same time.

                  He does use good ingredients, fresh shrimp, chicken and really good Spanish chorizo and a great broth and saffron concoction for the liquid. He's also willing to work with you if you to make the party what you want it to be.

                  The party I attended had a huge propane powered paella pan about 3 ft. across and everyone was very satisfied with the results. He can also make it at his place and deliver it in serving dishes if you prefer.


            2. re: cburnsi

              Azafron catered my rehearsal dinner. To be honest, I don't remember the food all that well as I was a bit preoccupied, as you can imagine. Ben, the owner, was great to work with and many of my friends really enjoyed the paella and his cheese selection. He apparently also makes a nice sangria; we opted for Spanish whites and reds instead. So, I'd recommend him.

            3. I know that Tango Restaurant in Capitol Hill will cook paellas at your house. They can also bring other tapas and that El Diablo dessert that everyone craves about.

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                86badfood, "that El Diablo dessert that everyone craves about" is probably the most endearing typo/Freudian slip I've ever read. Some combination of "everyone raves about" and "everyone craves" I assume?

                Awesome and succinct, even if unintentionally.