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Jun 13, 2008 03:30 PM

Atlanta Outdoor Dining

Traveling through Atlanta at the end of June and was wondering if anyone knew of a good area for outdoor dining with a well behaved canine friend. Any tips on a funky, neighborhood restaurant with high quality food would be greatly appreciated. Any cuisine really, just looking to get local.

I'm staying at the Hotel Indigo which I believe is in the Midtown area. Never been to Atlanta so hoping that is a convenient area for good outdoor dining. But willing to explore and drive a bit.


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  1. Most Atlanta restaurants don't allow pets to be on the patio, per health code. Some places, like Hotel Indigo, offer pet happy-hours where you can bring your dog. The Hotel Intercontinental in Buckhead, also had/has a puppy happy hour - call to check to see if they still have one. Almost across the street is Baraonda - great Italian restaurant. Has small patio on side. No pets though. What types of food do you like? We've got all kinds of cool, funky places.

    1. Dogs, although probably cleaner that a good portion of the human population, are generally not welcome in Atlanta restaurants and patios (as stated, a health code violation). However, you can get by at a couple of local spots. Try Moe's and Joe's in Virginia-Highland. It's burgers and beer, nothing special except killer people-watching. Have Fido sit on the other side of the railing. Same for George's down the street. You might see what you can do at Top Flr, corner of Myrtle and Ponce. Funky vibe, great bar tender, good food and it has 3 or 4 tables on the sidewalk, off the beaten path. Las Palmeras is down home Cuban family food, on 5th street in Midtown. They'll let your dog sit on the sidewalk as well while you enjoy the patio. The last two are walkable from Hotel Indigo.

      1. Try the Treehouse bar and restaurant in Peachtree Hills. Nice outdoor setting, casual and I believe man's best friend is welcome.

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          Hi -- Thanks for the tip. Do you know if Peachtree Hills is near Hotel Indigo by chance?

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            It is not, unfortunately. Peachtree Hills is about 4 miles north of Indigo.

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              Second the Treehouse. Think folks put the pooch on the outside of the rail/divider along the patio. Pretty good food, decent beer selection, nice setting.

          2. Thanks to all for the posts -- sad to hear Atlanta is not more dog friendly when it comes to outdoor dining but I am sure we can still have a great time!!

            Thanks again!!

            1. I'm pretty sure Vickery's lets you do the puppy-outside-porch-rail thing. Can anyone verify that? If you go there, get the Cuban Ruben, which doesn't seem either Cuban or Ruben, but is delicious.