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Jun 13, 2008 02:11 PM

BBQ Help!!

I have a BBQ that has gotten out of control regarding the number of people who are coming. It is doubling as a housewarming party so I am supplying food and drinks.

Any ideas on what food to include to keep it on the cheap?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. you grilling, or bbqing?
    If you are bbq'ing, then pork shoulder/ butt (for pulled pork) is usually dirt cheap along with spare ribs. Whole chickens are also excellent bbq fare on the cheap. BBQ wings should be cheap as well. Then, you've also got yer sausage type things: Italian, hot link, brats etc. Also, a pork loin roast does not run too much $

    If you are grilling, then burgers, chicken parts (wings and legs, bone in breasts) and again, sausages / hot dogs, of course.

    A giant fruit salad should be an excellent addition for not too much $ as we are converging on one of the best times for fruit of the year. Melons are coming around (watermelon is still iffy- but I've had some really good cantaloupe, and honeydew already) you can still find good navels, strawberries have been excellent this year, and I just had an excellent pineapple last week.

    1. I don't know where you are, but if corn is in season, that's cheap and fun. A bunch of grilled corn on the cob along with the pork butt that gordeaux suggested. Can't beat fresh fruit this time of the year - grilled pineapple with tequila brown sugar glaze is yummy. Potato salad should also be price conscious. Punch is in this year so don't feel you have to have a bunch of wine and beer. Make a big punch bowl of a summery cocktail.

      1. sweet potato fries, tossed in flour in a bag, baked in the oven in a little oil, people love and inexpensive and easy. Fresh sweet potaoes would be cheaper, frozen would be easier. no tossing in flour, just baking..

        baked beans, bush canned vegetarian beans, doctored up with yellow mustard, brown sugar, salt & pepper, put raw bacon on the top, bake in oven.

        cole slaw, fresh chopped cabbage or bagged, mayo, sour cream, pickles, chopped or relish, sugar, salt and pepper, celery seed-- or omit celery seed and sugar and add crushed pineapple and fresh chopped jalpenos.

        If you are industrious and have a fry daddy, fry hushpuppies or black eye pea fritters, or make some jalapeno cornbread in the oven -- super easy

        To keep booze on the cheap, think of a special cocktail, some sort of fruit punch, martini or margarita. a bottle of liquor goes a lot further than a bottle of wine. and don't feel bad, the people you are super close to, call them and ask them to bring a side or ask for help.. don't carry all the weight, even if it is a housewarming.