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Jun 13, 2008 02:07 PM

MSP: Pre-theatre dinner - Cue or Alma

We'll be visiting MSP in July and attending a 7:30 performance at the Guthrie on Friday. I was thinking of having dinner at Cue, but also noticed that Alma isn't too far (by cab) and looked interesting. Any thoughts?

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  1. If you don't care about parking twice or taking the cab, go to Alma. Or Fugaise.

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    1. re: Brad Ballinger

      Hey Brad!

      I second your opinion on Alma. I've had very good meals at Alma.

      1. re: Brad Ballinger

        GOOGLE MAP

        The pedestrian in me is shouting, Stone Arch Bridge! Eat at Alma! Walk across the Stone Arch Bridge. Cab it home, or back to where you parked on the East Bank. If it's raining they have this new fangled invention called the umbrella. The gall of the City of Minneapolis for not allowing a skyway connection between the parking ramp and the Guthrie. We have to use our feet to cross a street in the outdoors. The livability of a city should be less about parking structures, and more about pedestrian friendly infrastructure. If parking once is the object, there's always Spoonriver. Very stylish and professional, and great for the price point. Malls with residential dwellings are the next wave of development. Look at the Galleria in Edina if you doubt it. Attach a birthing center and a crematorium and you never have to leave the complex....... BTW food at the Guthrie is not on par with the quality of the acting.

        1. re: keg

          We have loved Alma whenever we've gone. And I love the Stone Arch Bridge idea.

          Will you be seeing Midsummer Night's Dream? I hope so! It was magical and Alma would be the perfect complement to it.

          1. re: keg

            We will be totally on foot, public transit and cabs (when necessary) for our weekend visit to explore Minneapolis. About how long a walk is it from Alma to the Guthrie? Is 3rd Ave. the Stone Arch Bridge? We were thinking of heading back across the river after the play to visit Nye's for a drink.

            1. re: ClevelandRandy

              The Stone Arch bridge is downriver (closer to the Guthrie and to Alma) from the 3rd Avenue bridge. You would take it to or from Alma. To get to Nye's from the Guthrie on foot, you would cross the Third Avenue Bridge then turn left on 2nd to get to Hennepin. You could take the Hennepin Avenue bridge from the Guthrie side of the river to the Nye's side, but it is shorter to take 3rd.

              If you are going to rely on the buses, you can take them to any destination mentioned in this thread. The Metro Transit web site (below) allows you to enter a starting and ending destination along with either a departure time or arrival time, and you will get a couple of recommended routes.


              1. re: ClevelandRandy

                the stone arch bridge does not appear on some maps because it is a pedestrian/bike bridge only (it's a historic bridge made of, er stone arches, spanning the mississippi, and is lovely). it would be a lovely walk either after alma or back across the river after the theater. longish walk/stroll, so maybe i'd do it after theater, when not full from dinner. sounds romantic!

                1. re: soupkitten

                  It's about 9/10 of a mile one-way. Here is a map with satellite view and the walk highlighted. Note, the satellite photo is can see the temporary Cirque du Soleil tents where the Guthrie is now.


                  1. re: MSPD

                    If you ARE seeing Midsummer Night's Dream (rather than one of the other plays), know that the play is longer than most. (Not to worry. You will love it.) So it may be later than you would want for walking back across the bridge after the play.

                    So I would think about a cab for that piece.

                    1. re: karykat

                      Yup, the time could be an issue, because the Stone Arch Bridge is technically a park, and it closes when other parks do. (I think the zero hour is 10:00 pm, but I'm not sure about that.)

                      A few months ago, as Mr. Tastebud and I were strolling across the bridge, digesting our wonderful dinner at Alma, we were kicked off the bridge (not literally, though!) because the park was closing. The park employee was polite and apologetic, but warned that the approaching cop had been known to give tickets to obstreperous strollers.

                      Other than that issue, the combo of Alma and the Stone Arch Bridge is a great suggestion.

                      If you've looked at the Alma menu and it appeals to you, you'll probably enjoy the place. I've taken people there for whom the food just doesn't "click" - for example, a steak-eater who was bored by his dinner. Me, I really love how they cook fish and poultry - I've been less enraptured with the pork and beef dishes that I've had (that is, I don't go to Alma for a steak).


                  2. re: soupkitten

                    Ah, that explains why I don't see it on my map. Excellent suggestions. As always, Chowhounds are a wonderful source of knowledge!

            2. I second Cleveland Randy, Alma or Fugaise. Cue is only good for a pre-theater cocktail.

              1. Neither. Cue's food is good, but not great. Some love Alma, but others, like myself, have had nothing but overpriced, blah experiences there.

                Fugaise is an outstanding choice and just as close.

                1. I'm on the Alma bandwagon.

                  I went to cue when it was new and was disappointed - but that was a few years back.

                  1. alma alma alma. a thousand times alma. if i had to say something nice about cue: "cue's staff are very nice." fugaise is also great but if you are from out of town, really, you must try alma. they must be getting beautiful local produce right now from the chef/owner's (james beard nominee alex roberts) dad's farm. alma is brilliant. did i mention i heart alma?