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Jun 13, 2008 01:12 PM

breaded fish tacos and carne asada in la jolla

Hi there,
My husband and I will spending next weekend in La Jolla for our one year anniversary.
Our dinner considerations are Roppongi and Nine Ten, based on menu, or possibly George's or Marine Room, based on view and atmosphere. I tend to choose based strictly on food so I'm leaning towards Roppongi and Nine Ten. Any thoughts?

Also, I want to have some really good breaded fish tacos and carne asada for lunches. Any recommendations there?

We definately want recommendations in La Jolla only---and any price range is fine for dinner.


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  1. Roppongi for happy hour is an excellent way to try their cuisine and it's a pretty good value.

    1. Someone else just asked about this. La Jolla is short on Mexican food.