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Quick: I need someone to find this restaurant for me:

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Hi guys,
I haven't posted on chowhound for awhile. Sorry about that!
I need a favor: I'm looking for this restaurant in New York that I went
to when I was in High School. I think the year I went was 1997.
I'm not even sure if the restaurant is still there. All I remember about
it was that I think it was near a few Main/big clubs (I think!) and that
the coolest thing about it was that this restaurant had slate tables.
Or granet--something that you could write on. They had bowls of
chalk on the tables so you could write/draw on them. I thought that
was so cool! My parent's are going to New York tomorrow and Sunday,
and I want to try to find that restaurant so I can reccommend it to them.
They also had this coffee that was so thick, it was like mud. Would that
be Irish coffee? PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks so much! :-)
It's sunny here in Maine--hope it is where ever you guys are, also! :-)

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  1. Maybe the Olive Tree Cafe on MacDougal (above the Comedy Cellar)? I remember being sixteen and writing inappropriate things on the tables. Not sure if the restaurant and/or its tables are still around.