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Jun 13, 2008 12:59 PM

Special Dinner - Cafe Routier or one of the Max's in CT? Help us decide?

My husband and I go out for a combined Mother's Day, Anniversary, my Birthday and Father's Day dinner--hell, celebrations just aren't that big a deal to me, so I say "let's drop the kid off, combine and go out to a really nice kid-free special dinner." Anyway, I have two gift certificates that I'd like to use toward the meal.

I've been thinking of Cafe Routier in Westbook or one of the Max restaurants. I've been dying to do Cafe Routier, but I'm not loving the seasonal menu at the moment, but I know there will be specials too. And, I'm not sure which Max to go to. I've been to the small one in Glastonbury, but I want something more special.

I love all kinds of food. My husband is more meat and potatoes but also loves a good piece of fish--as long as it isn't a tid-bit size portion--he's a good eater. We also love dessert and could care less about wine list. But we've been known to go to a separate restaurant for dessert only afterward. (Oh! It also cannot be too pretentious or stuffy or my husband will hate it!)

Help me decide. Thanks.

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      1. Both excellent, but I sense your husband would prefer Max Downtown. (BTW the seasonal menu at CR looks wonderful)

        1. Routier defintely!

          Wnet there the other nite and had great - make that - perfect salmon

          Be prepared to spend about $80 without drinks for 2 though

          Service is great and food is always top notch

          is not stuffy or pretentious

          but on a summer weekend
          plan on making reservations !

          If you like bistro food again - in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere -

          try the bistro at the Cooper Beech Inn - PIP's
          the new place in Deep River - du glace-

          - been to both several times and love them

          but again
          I suggest you make reservations in the summer!

          there are reviews on Chowhound if you search!

          1. Cafe Routier, definitely.