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Jun 13, 2008 11:39 AM

One Night in Bangkok

I am on my honeymoon in August and we are stopping in Bangkok for one night on the way to Bhutan. We are staying at the The Oriental.

We only have one night and we were thinking about staying low-key and just having fun that night... Wondering where we should go for some fun local food and then some drinks. I've heard a lot about the different food markets but didnt know which one we should go to if we only have one night.

Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. If you are flying directly from the US, you will be a serious burn-out case by the time you reach the hotel. Bangkok assaults the senses and August will be hot, overcast and very humid. You may want to try Sala Rim Naam, the Thai restaurant at the Oriental, or do a dinner cruise on the river--the hotel can arrange it. If you feel like venturing out, the night market next to Lumpini Park might be an option (though I hear it's closing?).

    1. There are many terrific dining spots in BKK, many with great atmosphere to boot. However, one spot you really should visit, if only for a pre-dinner drink, is Sirocco at the Dome, on top of the Lebua Hotel. It is about 60 stories in the sky, I believe, and has an incredible view, incredible vibe and likely shouldn't be missed. It is very well known. Its been voted one of the sexiest bars in the world, justifiably. The food gets decidedly mixed reviews, and is expensive. But, go for a drink, or just a fruit juice, and take in the view. It is very memorable. Have fun.

      1. If its still open in August , then Suan Lum Night Bazaar , would be ideal .

        Pretty central , but you would probably have to use a taxi to get to it from the Oriental , which is not close to the public transport systems .

        The market itself is fine for a stroll around , and there is also a beer garden with music, where the food can be a bit hit and miss , but cheap enough to try many dishes .

        Definitely low key .