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Jun 13, 2008 11:36 AM

Jaiya Thai - wayyy downhill

I had lunch at Jaiya Thai on 3rd and 28th, its been several years since i've eaten here. I used to like this place alot, but I went there today and I think the ownership must've changed or something b/c the food was really bad.

I ordered spring rolls, papaya salad and the chicken w/ green chilis and basil.
- Spring rolls: these were horrible, they where these big deep fried spring rolls that were like the egg rolls u get at crappy chinese take out places
- Papaya salad was ok, but it wasn't spicy whatsoever and was very sweet..not a great rendition of the dish
- Chicken w/ green chilis and basil: this was terrible, the sauce had little flavor and the chicken was overcooked

It was a very disappointing lunch and I doubt I'll go back to Jaiya not sure what happened to this place

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  1. I was at Jaiya a couple months ago and had the very same feeling. Years ago I used to go there and thought, and told others, that it was the best Thai in the city. Then, upon my return, nothing was very good. The pad thai was off tasting, the soup was no big deal, the duck red curry was just weird - served in a heavy gelatinous sauce, nothing like a good, curry. Shrimp with basil came to the table only luke warm and tasting principally from Nuoc Nam. Although I asked for very spicy, nothing was. It was disappointing, like saying goodbye to an old friend. There is another spot next door, ThaiNY, but I've not tried that. I fear that for great Thai you really may need to go to Queens.

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      well queens definitely has better thai food, but i usually hit zabb city or rhong tiam in the city for good thai food (i posted about zabb and there are alot of posts on rhong tiam)

    2. I was there recently and the Chili Fish was very tasty and the Tom Yum soup was good. I also liked some kind of a duck dish... maybe it was the spicy roasted duck salad but I'm not sure. There was a good deal of variability in the spiciness of the dishes even when we asked for all of them to have the same level of spice.

      1. I recommend you give Lantern Thai a try. It recently took over the space on the corner of 2nd Av. & 18th St., formerly occupied by Ponsgsi. Excellent food and very attractive decor.

        1. Wow.. I thought I was the only one who was not impressed by Jaiya. I was there about 2 months ago and experienced the same thing. At first I thought it was just a bad day but looks like it's just going downhill. I believe i had ordered the chicken w/ green chilis & basil too and it was like what you had described. I forgot what I ordered as appetizer but I think it was some kind of salad which was not very memorable either. On top of that, I thought their service was not very attentive and very slow too. I had asked to be seated in the back (which was completely empty) but they insisted on seating me in the front, probably to make the restaurant seem more full... oh well... so much for that trick. I probably won't be going back there again in the near future.