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Jun 13, 2008 11:01 AM

Lahore Tikka House on Gerrard E. - awful!

Why is this place so packed so often? Is because it's so busy the reason that they obviously cook their chicken tikka WAY far in advance, ditto the undercooked nan that has all the character of Wonder Bread? When they said my take out order would take 10 minutes I assumed it meant they would be cooking it, not reheating a bunch of overcooked hard dry stringy chicken coated in a vile curry sauce. So the good news is that the take out service is super speedy, but the bad news is that when you get home you have to toss it away!

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  1. I only eat there when the patio is open, and it's more for the vibe (and the meat samosas) than anything else. Try 786 across the street from Lahore Tikka for really good Pakistani, including a terrific whole chicken and fish, and specials like paya through the weekend.

    Also, for like $12 you can get a whole tandoori chicken and two naans from Makkah on the Danforth, it's a really good deal and pretty tasty.

    1. I completely agree with you! We went there ONE time and were so unimpressed yet it was packed. The food was completely unremarkable. In addition, I wore a cashmere wrap which I had to air out for an entire month (no joke) before the smell of spice came out of it.
      A friend recommended Motimahal just down the street and for cheap and cheerful, it was delish. I second the Makkah recommendation, too. The food is yummy and the customer service is fabulous.

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        I think LTH caters more to the Pakistani community, while most of the other places out there are Indian. I went once and was completely unimpressed as well.

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          LTH caters to whoever is foolish enough to spend their money there.
          There was a time, perhaps a decade ago, that LTH was worthy. However, it's overpriced and the quality/service don't meet the standard required at that price.

          People who go to LTH pay for the atmosphere and environment. It's a very touristy place that has some nostalgic appeal.

          As an earlier poster mentioned Makkah, I would recommend that option as well. I posted briefly on it a month prior in a thread regarding Tandoori food in Toronto. It's sad, but there really isn't a standout Pakistani place that I can think of, and only a few Indian places. I really wish some 2nd-gen people would step up and fill the large gap that is present.

          Indo-Pak restaurants usually start off well, but soon after try and cut corners and end up shooting themselves in the foot. People want good, quality food, at a decent price, with honest and competent service. You'd be lucky to get 1 of these variables at most places.

      2. Lahore Tikka is living on its past reputation. While their food was always swimming in ghee, it was layered with flavours and cooked to order (in a tiny kitchen). Ten years ago, it was on my list of Toronto's best restaurants. Some of their food (most notably the chicken tikka masala) was to die for. I also liked the fact that they never tried to serve me "white guy food".

        Then it went to their heads, and they have spent gazillions of dollars on their new building that has been under construction for years while they serve food in trailers. It isn't always as bad as you got, but it is neither superlative nor consistent any more. It'll be interesting to see whether things improve in their multi-story palace or whether they completely fall apart.

        Quite aside from the food, there's a vibe that I suspect reminds many Pakistani expats of home, especially in summer. Halal 786 across the road probably has better food, but its a gloomy place with bad service. My own opinion of Makkah is that the food sucks.

        1. Thank you! I agree... I fall for it time and time again, and every time I do, I keep asking myself why I keep going back. Every time I leave the place, I'm torn between being so let down and disappointed in not only the food, but with myself for going back... a real waste of money... it's like Groundhog Day. I'll let you know if I fall for it again, which will unfortunately probably happen. sigh...

          Can anyone recommend a good Indian grocery/spice shop on Gerrard? I honestly can't tell the difference... Thanks.

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              B.J.'s is a good choice for an Indian supermarket. Across the street, Kohinoor is best for dried spices, daal, and so on.

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