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Jun 13, 2008 10:46 AM

Cheese shops in Queens?

Are there any decent cheese shops around Woodside??? I was just contemplating a nice gouda and realised I haven't a clue where to get it in my neighborhood. I haven't seen any, but that doesn't mean I'm just not paying attention.

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  1. Try the KeyFood on Queens blvd by the Big 5 co-ops - they have sort of a decent cheese case IRIC (or Stop'n'Shop on Northern). If you need fresh mozzarell, go to Ottomanelli's. Italian imports, Sapori D'Ischia. Otherwise, Butcher Block or that Romanian/Armenian place on 43rd ave. I'm sort of glad that we don't have a decent cheese shop in Woodside though, otherwise I'd be broke and fat!

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      The Big Six, I was brought up there

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          Got it, i knew it sounded wrong the minute I posted - blame on a sleep deprivation

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          Unfortunately, Sapori D'Ischia in Woodside has closed. If they have not already, they will be opening their new location - midtown - very soon. I do not know if they will be incorporating the market part of their business in their new spot.

        3. There is also a decent cheese selection at the Trade Fair on 37th Ave in Jax Hts. Look both at the deli counter and in the cheese section. I got a nice aged gouda last time I was there. The feta selection is second old to El Shater in Sunnyside for the area.

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            monya and misha's in forest hills on 108th. euro mart on 31st st in astoria. sonrisso's in astoria (on bway, i think), the little greek place next to united bros. fruit in astoria, some of the italian delis between flushing and bayside (like the ravioli store on crocheron and about 170th or the deli on fran lewis near 34th ave), sapori d'ischia, the italian delis in whitestone (corona heights and then 2 or 3 others i can't remember, but you can find them under best italian sandwiches in whitestone), most russian delis (like on 76th and 35th in JH). although, there really isn't a super bourgeois kind of cheese store anywhere that i know of in queens.

          2. I am no expert, but there is Cheeses of the World on Austin Street in Forest Hills.

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              I've been there once and thought they had a pretty good selection and prices, though I can't compare to other places in Queens.

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                I go in there quite a bit and it's a nice shop though their selection is better or worse, depending on what you're looking for. For example you can get great fresh ricotta from them but their cheddars are pretty boring - one of the options they offer is Cabot.

              2. I find the cheese selection at most of the supermarkets in the area to be pretty lackluster - I don't think they get enough turnover, so nothing ever seems to be at the right stage of ripenness. They also charge about double what you'd pay at the Fairway or Zabar's. Some of the smaller places (like El Shater) do have one or two things that are great (feta, or mozzarella at the italian places), but they generally don't have a huge variety. I regularly make the trek to Fairway, Zabar's or Murray's for my cheese needs. Someone come open a great cheese shop in Queens!

                1. for me, d'espana -- the original location on northern @ 86th -- is tops. yes, spanish/portuguese only, but a good selection, fresh and pretty much everything is sample-able. on sat, you'll get a glass (dixie cup) of wine or two out of the visit

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                    I love Cheeses of the World in Forest Hills. They have a nice selection of various cheeses, as well as yummy pates and smoked herring. The reason I will go to this shop above any super market is that they let you sample available cheeses before deciding on a purchase.