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Jun 13, 2008 10:40 AM

That chicken joint south of Boston - help?

When my siblings and I were young, my grandmother used to take us to the restaurant that was all about chicken. It was a long car ride, I think on 495 from Canton. The place was very large, looked like a big country home and they sold candy in the front. The chicken was good (at least I think so 15 years later). I mostly ordered fried chicken. They always have these rolls - they were stuck together in a slab of four, like hamburger rolls and they were toasted and VERY buttered. They were soft and delicious and I think we mostly went to stuff ourselves with those. Maybe it was in Middleboro? My sister and I were talking about it today and I have no idea what it was called or even if it still exists. Help!

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  1. Funny you should mention it...we had the same thought a few years ago and went looking for it. We believe it is now called Fisher's Chicken House, 450 Wareham St., Middleboro, MA 508-923-0155. It had since been remodeled but they still have the rolls and they still have the chicken and both were what we remember. We still like to stop in on our way back from the Cape.
    Let us know if you go.

    1. try wrights chicken farm also which is very good. i believe it is near providence/ma line on rte 146

      1. Sounds like Ma Glockners to me, which is in Bellingham, just a street or two past the turn for Whole Foods.

        Total throwback of a place, and you know what? The chicken there is seriously good.

        [edited: Sorry. I don't think they sell candy there, so it might not have been it, but similar vintage. And FYI, I've heard Wrights Chicken Farm is really good to.]