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Jun 13, 2008 10:40 AM

Asian Supermarket in SoNo

Does anybody know anything about this market going into South Norwalk (in the old US Marine store space)? I'm curious, since I live in the general vicinity. I have often done my Asian specialty food shopping at the market in Broad River. I wish that they had more fresh produce, but I almost always find what I need in bags, jars and cans.

I might swing by there this weekend. If I find anything out, I will post it.

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  1. the other good asian store in the area is on main street in the strip mall across from liz su bagels and A&S italian deli

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    1. re: jfood

      jfood...that's the one I was talking about. It's decent, but small. I go there quite often, especially in the summer. I am just wondering about what's going in that HUGE space that use to be the boat store.

      A&S...another favorite!

    2. I noticed that a couple weeks ago as I live on Washington Street. This is such great news now that I don't have to get in the car and drive to Stop and Shop for produce/most groceries anymore. SoNo has needed this badly to make it a legitimate "urban" place to live. Especially if you can't stand driving in Norwalk. When I walked by the other day, I saw they have all the aisles and refrigerators constructed. Just waiting for the groceries/produce. That's all I know so far. Anyone else?

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      1. re: UWStoSONO

        I don't know much, but I do know that this will be much easier than driving to White Plains for their Chinese grocery store! I can't wait...please post any updates on this store!

        1. re: plumerella

          What? Where? SoNo you say? US Marine...US Marine...was that on Water St? I know WEST Marine. Im trying to place it. Please give me more nearby landmarks.
          I live in South Norwalk I would LOVE to have an asian market closeby. I always go to the one on new Canaan ave but one day my sister called me grossed out and said the man who owns the place was clipping his toenails inside the store. When in Rome..

          1. re: lovesublime

            in the strip mall behind the parking lot behind the SONO theatre.

            1. re: lovesublime

              It's on Washington Street across from the Post Office. I walked by the other day and the owner said they're opening July 4th weekend.

              1. re: UWStoSONO

                UWStoSONO...thanks for finding that out. I went by a few weeks ago, and couldn't tell, nor did I see anyone about.

                Man! that is really disgusting about the "clipping of toenails" on New Canaan Ave. I wish it weren't true, since I go there alot. I'd be sticking to the canned and packaged goods until the one in SoNo opens...which is just a week or two away. YAY!

                1. re: luvarugula

                  right now we are not fully stocked yet,
                  thanks for being patient everyone
                  ALMOST OPENED!

        2. I work in the area, store isn't open yet. I'll give a report when it opens.

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            1. re: sherijo

              Still not open, although they have started to put some packaged food o the shelves. Hopefully soon.

              1. re: UWStoSONO

                There was an article in teh Hour sometime last week that said they didn't have a set opening date, but it would be within the next 2 weeks. Can only hope it's soon, I'm really excited to see what they've got to offer.

                Gonna keep my fingers crossed for raw peanuts! :)

                1. re: Tabasco77

                  Just are they going to handle parking? I'm about two blocks from there, so I can walk. There's that lot caddy-corner to the market lot, which is free, but do people know about that? Won't it hurt business, if free 5 minutes of parking is all they offer? Who can food shop in that amount of time?

                  1. re: luvarugula

                    You bring up a good point. I don't want to have to pay for parking just to go food shopping. Maybe they'll have some sort of parking validation thing worked out with the lot.

                    1. re: Tabasco77

                      Any update?

                      I'm thinking about going by tomorrow to see, but does anyone else know if it's open yet?

                      1. re: Tabasco77

                        Still not open. Not only is it not open, but it looks like they haven't been stocking the shelves with any more items. Am I way too anxious for a store to open? Is this pathetic? I just hope they have the basics plus gourmet cheeses, hummus and fresh produce.

                        1. re: UWStoSONO

                          I am anxious too! Every time I go past I crane my neck to see if there has been any progress, dreaming of fresh kaffir lime leaves, hot chiles, exotic spices......

                          1. re: lattelover

                            Glad to know I'm not the only food nerd on here waiting for the store to open! Hopefully by the end of this week!!! :)

                            1. re: Tabasco77

                              Are you kidding? This site is all about "food nerds", or, should I say, food lovers. We're all anxious for it's opening. I know I'm not alone, anymore.

                              1. re: luvarugula

                                What is the name of this place anyway? From what i remember reading is that it's part of a small chain from CA. Do they have a website or anything?

                                1. re: Tabasco77

                                  It's like Far East Market or something Far East.

                                  1. re: UWStoSONO

                                    Yep that's it! I went by last after after going to see "The Dark Knight", which I highly recommend. Sign on their front door says they open 8/1. Only a few days to go!!!

                                    1. re: Tabasco77

                                      Not to's also the Sono Arts Festival this weekend. Yikes!

                                      1. re: luvarugula

                                        They did open today. Very few items still in the store. Mostly dry goods. The city of Norwalk, delayed their CO. The owner came up to me and thanked me for coming in, another gal came over a few minutes later and explained the delay, and stated the store would be fully open on Monday.

                                        Here is what I was able to see:

                                        4 aisles of dry and packed goods, asian snacks, mostly chinese styles sauces.

                                        Two large tables that would most likely be for vegetables.

                                        Many water tanks already filled with a couple of very big crabs, mabye Dungeness, but not sure. As well, about 3 4x 5 foot tables that would be for fish etc.

                                        Adjacent to these more tables that might be for meat, poultry etc.

                                        In the far back corner they have a section with a large steam table, looks like they may have food to go as well.

                                        Sorry, I don't have more detail. Sounds like some of you will check it out this weekend. I'll give a another update on Monday during my lunch.

                                        1. re: greguar

                                          I had the chance to stop by this afternoon. It's slim pickins' at the moment. All they really have is a dozen or so frozen items...mostly steamed buns. Some of the shelves are stocked, but I didn't really look. I want to go back when they are all stocked up. I'd forgotten how huge that space was. I think it will be a couple of more weeks before they are fully functional, but, I think it's going to be great.

                                          1. re: luvarugula

                                            Cool. Keep us posted. Thanks for this thread. I live close by as well and have been trying to crane my neck to see what this place is about. Will let you all know when I venture in there soon. :-)

                                          2. re: greguar

                                            Worked from home today and was able to stop by there quick on my lunch hour. Everyone was very polite, perhaps because I was the only customer in the store, or maybe they are just nice people. :)

                                            There were many people unloading boxes and stocking shelves and freezers, but I was able to get a great look around. As greguar said, there are going to be a few different stations.

                                            I asked the girl who was ringing me up what else they were going to have, and did confirm that the "kitchen" area in the back would be for take-out or sit-down dining. They'd also have a sushi bar as well.

                                            I'd like to clarify what greguar said about the 2 large teables for veggies. Large is not the word I'd use. Immense might be a better representation. HUGE tables ready to be stocked with wholesome goodness, and as I confirmed, RAW PEANUTS!!!! :-D

                                            Another guy told me that their grand opening won't be until September, but they'll be getting more and more stuff in as the week goes on. By the weekend there should be a good amount more, as I got the impression another big shipment was coming in Thurs or Fri.

                                            Only spent $20, but walked away with a ton of stuff, including edamame, shumai, and noodles. Will I go back, yes.... probably this weekend! :)

                                            1. re: Tabasco77

                                              Yea I just stopped in as well and the place is pretty big. Like a city-sized supermarket. Right now it's only Asian goods and only a fraction of the shelves are stocked. The woman at the counter told me more is on the way.

                      2. re: luvarugula

                        we are validating parking for one hour free for our customers when you buy $25 or up.

                        for example:
                        if you had brought a total of $31 we would subtract one dollar off so you would pay $30 and you would use that dollar that we subtracted off to pay for the parking...
                        the town would not let us stamp the parking ticket so we have to do it this way...
                        and 15 minutes is free parking.

              2. Was not open when i left work on Friday.

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                1. re: greguar

                  What is the parking situation down there? Do you have to pay to get in the lot where the store is? I want to go there soon!

                  1. re: lattelover

                    Stopped there today. Same promise of fully stocked shelves next week. Looks like it is going to be a great place. Very friendly staff.

                    Regarding parking, they have not yet gotten approval from the parking authority to validate the tickets. However, if you spend 15 minutes or less in the lot, it is free. Validation should be coming however.

                    15 minutes was enough to get a variety of frozen items, fresh noodles, walk through the market and find the SELECTION of sweet rice...

                    1. re: Willly

                      THANK YOU. Can't wait to go. Maybe I'll make it tomorrow.

                2. I just didn't have time to get over there this weekend. Anyone have anything new to report? I am curious to know what kinds of produce and prepared foods they're going to have. Hopefully, fresh kaffir lime leaves will be readily available.

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                  1. re: luvarugula

                    Might head over after work today..... will update any new news...

                    In the meantime.... what are kaffir lime leaves and what are they used for?

                    1. re: Tabasco77

                      Hey...that sounds good Tabasco77. Kaffir lime leaves are a very aromatic flavoring, often used in Asian cooking. I've only tasted it in soups and curries, but I'm sure there are a bunch more uses. I think I've seen it used to flavor vodka and ice cream. It's usually just the leaves of the plant, and not the actual fruit, that is used. The flavor is citrusy and you would most likely recognize it if you knew what it was. Believe me, if you haven't tried it, and you like citrus and lime flavors, get hold of some fresh kaffir leaves and use them in your next curry. Then...let's talk.

                      1. re: luvarugula

                        was just there. about 30% stocked, mostly with asian food products and some basic produce. I saw live crabs and some fish as well. unfortunatley I went to pick up paper towels real quick and those weren't there yet. soon.

                        1. re: luvarugula

                          Very interesting.... I may have to try that!

                          Yesterday I went, and as UWS says below, they're still not fully stocked, but they did have some baby bok choy, which I absolutely love. Spoke with one of the people there and they really seem very nice. Asked about a bunch of products that I'd hope to see them carry. They seemed more than happy to order things for me, so next time I've gotta bring in the brand names.

                          So they had a pretty good selection of veggies already. Rice and noodles are pretty well stocked, as well as cannned veggies. They have one or 2 types of sambal, tons of soy sauce, but not the semi-sweet kind i need. No kimchi or raw peanuts yet tho. Some spices, but it looks like there will be much much more. Their frozen stuff is probably the best stocked aisle. Edamame, potstickers, shumai, and a few different types of ice cream, just to name a few.

                          Forgot (again) to ask about the parking validation. Went in at 6:02pm yesterday, left at 6:14, figuring i made it under the 15 min mark. Nope. $2 since it was after 6pm. :( Not a huge problem, but it is a bit of a hassle. Would be nice if they validate in the future.