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Beer Growler at Whole Foods on Houston St.

Wondering if anyone out there has purchased the growler at whole foods downtown. If so, do you think it is worth it??

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  1. I've purchased a few from that Whole Foods. I think it depends on what they have on tap and if you can get it in a bottle. If you can't get bottles of something (i.e. Sixpoint) why not get a growler? I've never had a problem with freshness from those taps. My only gripe is that they do growlers from their cask. Dumb dumb dumb idea.

    1. I have gotten a few and the prices seem reasonable. Everything has tasted fresh when I got it. They usually have things you cant get in bottles like Sixpoint or Captain Lawrence. They also fill growlers down the street at New Beer Distributers which is usually a buck or so cheaper.

      Im not really sure what this guy is referring to about the casks, all growlers I have had have been filled from Kegs.

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        About 4 months ago the Whole Foods had a Sixpont tasting. They had 5 taps pouring from their kegs and one pouring from their cask (Brownstone). They were filling growlers from the cask. Maybe they've done away with the cask since then? I haven't been back since as I don't live in NYC.

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          I think that may have been just for the Sixpoint event as I have not seen it since.

          i agree with kenito below, most of their bottled stock is too well lit. You are better off going down Chrystie a block or two to New Beer Distributors. You'll save a few bucks and it is dark as a cave. The only downside is they generally close around 5 or 6pm.

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            i agree, plus the prices at New Beer are better, and they also have growlers.

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              I haven't been to New Beer in a while. What kind of beer do they have available by the Growler usually?

      2. just don't buy any bottles there unless they are sealed in cases...everything has harsh fluorescent light shining on it, if not direct sunlight from the windows. Light destroys beer. And these are pricey, amazing beers...a tragedy of marketing over proper product handling.

        1. Just be happy that you have the chance to do it at all- not even our brewpubs can sell growlers here in GA.

          Oh, and that Whole Foods blew my mind- beer, frites station, sushi, etc, etc. Nice to live in The City.

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            Paying $7 to $9 for a full growler up to 9 pm is well worth every penny. Whole Foods also will fill any other growler, not just their own.

            Though now I am curious - is there any more info on New Beer?

          2. How big are their growlers? Thx.

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              standard industry size.
              half gallon or 64 oz.

            2. How long will an unopened, sealed growler last kept in the frig?


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                I've had growlers last up to 5 months with the cap sealed tightly and wrapped with electrical tape. It also depends on what the abv of the beer is as higher abv beers can age longer. If you're planning on holding it for awhile, rest the growler on it's side--less oxidation can occur where as if the growler is upright the air space in the cap has the slightest chance of oxygen penetration.

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                  The "common wisdom" has always been that laying beer on it's side exposes MORE of the surface area of the beer to whatever air was allowed into the bottle at capping. Obviously, with growlers, the amount of air is going to depend on exactly how much care was taken during the filling (tube, gun or just splashed in from the tap, CO2 purge, etc.) I'd think that the higher pressure in the bottle than outside would prevent most penetration of the cap, intially (similar to a "clean room"). Certainly cracking the cap on most growlers releases CO2 pressure.

                  My answer to "How long will an unopened, sealed growler last kept in the frig?" is:

                  "About an hour- then I open it." <g>

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                    Thanks for the response. I bought maybe five growlers for a tasting over the last 6 weeks. None have been opened after filling and all were rushed home and placed in frig immediately. My biggest concern is that I will get somebody sick rather than changes to taste profile. Am I overreacting?


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                      "Sick"? Yeah, you're over-reacting. Any beer that is so spoiled that it would literary make someone sick, would probably taste bad enough that one couldn't drink much of it to begin with.

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                        Remember- beer was one of the only ways to get safe drinking water for centuries. Between the alcohol and the hops, it isn't a hospitable place for the nasties.

                        Did you see George Will's recent column?

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                          Another thing to keep in mind is where you get your growler filled. If it is done at the brewery and sold at the store with a seal around the cap then it was more likely filled under ideal circumstanes (both in terms of oxidation and contamination)- those should last a lot longer than one that is filled at the store or brewpub while you wait.