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Jun 13, 2008 09:54 AM

Best eats on Ossington?

New to area, tried Delux already. Anything else worth trying?

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  1. This is my hood. We have been having some fantastic chow along the strip.

    Foxley (Ossington/Dundas): great fusion, great selection of wine.
    Golden Turtle (Ossingont/Argyle); hmmm pho! i love their shrimp on a cane as well.
    Reposado: (Ossington/Argyle): good food for nibbles. Fantastic tequila shooters. The bartender/owner is also super friendly and very cool.
    Le bar a soup(Ossington/Queen): Good soup, they change their menu all the time, so visit often.
    Get Real Cafe (Ossington/Queen): I have never tried, but a vegan friend fell in love with it.
    Saving Grace (Dundas/Ossington): just east of intersection on dundas, omg, killer brunch. you must try. really. it's worth the wait.

    1. Welcome to the nabe!

      I've had great food at Foxley, though they now seem to be catching a bit of post-hype backlash. The ribs are essential, and they've got some lovely ceviches. (It's all small plates, btw.) They don't take reservations and always have a line; the standard procedure seems to be to put your name on the list, and then go across the street to the Crooked Star for a drink while you wait (they will call your mobile when your table is ready). It makes for a very relaxed and yummy evening.

      And, Golden Turtle has some of the best pho in the city.

      p.s. did you enjoy Delux? I've heard some pretty mixed things...

      Edit (cause happycamper's post wasn't up when I did mine): definitely second Saving Grace for food, and Reposado for drinks (though not the snacks - I found those too greasy and generally not well prepared).

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        1. I also find the soup at Bar Soupe very bland. I really wanted to like this place. In fact, I've been there three times but each time I've been disappointed. I'm curious as to how others feel.

          1. re: airsey

            its hit or miss. she does a really good one with kale, potato and chorizo that i forget the name of.

            1. re: airsey

              My insignificant other and I have found the soup to be bland at Bar Soupe on several occassions and gave up. My IO much prefers the soup when available at The Drake or Mitzi's Sister.

              1. re: deelicious

                i agree it's hit and miss. i think that she is very light on salt. i often find myself adding some salt and spices to enhance the flavour once i bring the soup home.

                1. re: bomchicawowow

                  i know someone who's friends with her, and apparently she doesn't season a lot of her soups.... !

                  1. re: jayseeca

                    Isn't this, well, a basic culinary concept?

            2. i'm sorry but i'm going to have to give you a big fat resounding no on the vietnamese place south of golden turtle (which i'm not a fan of but may have to venture another try), something thien something.

              they really just don't want to try to offer quality of any type.

              the pho is quite passable with saw as a definite herb accompaniment and the rare beef actually arriving in semi rare state when the bowl is placed down. but the bun and rice dishes are just awful!!

              after receiving noodles that were obviously pre cooked and left to their own devices as the kitchen needed them, they were mushy and grossly clumpy. attempting to inform the servers that we would like some fresh noodles (the cheapest item in the whole bowl) that weren't overcooked, we just received the same bowl microwaved! obvious disconnect in language. more attempts at trying to explain led to the following information:

              the manufacturers made the noodles cheaper, that is why they are so bad.

              great.... thanks, i'll never go back.

              1. re: pinstripeprincess

                the exact opposite of my several experiences a that viet place. aren't restaurants fun!

                1. re: stapler

                  they are! and that's why pho phuong is better. consistency.

            3. Thank you so much people, that's given me a lot to add to the list. Foxely is top of my list now and I've been curious about the mysterious The Ossington.

              My meal at Delux was superb. I had a lamb shank that was fall of the bone tender on a bed cous cous. But the mega bonus points comes from the fresh out the oven cookies served with a glass of whole milk. Still thinking of them to this day...

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              1. re: JamesJT

                i live here too. on dovercourt at foxley is julie's, a cuban resto with a lovely patio, good drinks and tasty food. half a block south on dovercourt at argyle is luna cafe - lunch, brunch, good coffee, if you work from home or irregular hours, this a great spot during weekdays.

                alex dos leitos on ossington near dundas has good portuguese take-out (you could eat in too, but i've never really seen anyone in there). don't forget dakota tavern, in front of the ossington bus stop at dundas with its popular comunal brunch.

                on tusdays, trinity bellwoods market opens 3-7 at the corner of dundas and shaw.

                i'm sure you'll do lots of wonderings around on queen and dundas (in both directions) so happy exploring. this is great area with lots of good food.

                1. re: JamesJT

                  Ate at Delux last night. For apps, SO and I shared the crab/beet/avocado salad, and the app special, a salt cod brandade fritter. Both were quite delish, though I think SO was more wowed with them than I was. For mains, we shared the lamb shank (referred to by JamesJT) and the Cubano sandwich. While I agree with JamesJT that the lamb was fall off the bone tender, SO and I both found that it was a bit lacking in flavour - overall assessment was that, while it was fine, we would likely not order it again. The Cubano, on the other hand, was a close-to-life-altering experience. alone is worth a special trip to Delux. We were stuffed at that point and, sadly, had no room for cookies or any other dessert.

                  In general, I would recommend Delux, especially if you live in the neighbourhood. However, my big complaint about it was that we felt quite rushed through our meal. Though we normally eat late, we had plans later in the evening, so we got a reservation for 6:30. It didn't take long for us to figure out that they wanted to get us up and away from our table as quickly as possible to make room for more patrons. Our bread had barely arrived when the apps showed up. Then, our app plates had barely been cleared when along came the mains. I hadn't even had time to finish half of the glass of wine that I had paired with my app before the mains arrived, and I really wanted to have a fuller-bodied wine with the lamb, so I had to order another glass and leave the first glass half-full (luckily, SO polished it off for me). Other than this (rather significant) problem, the service was friendly and attentive.

                  1. re: torontofoodiegirl

                    LOVED delux. i am vegetarian and the chef made me one of the best vegetarian entrees i have ever had. amazing restaurant.

                    1. re: bomchicawowow

                      Hey! I just posted looking for a recommendation between Delux and Foxleys. General consensus is that there isn't much for vegetarians at either place. I assumed that if I went during a slow time the kitchen would be likely to make a vegetarian entree for me. Good to know this is true.

                2. another vote for golden turtle, my favorite viet food in the city