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Jun 13, 2008 09:40 AM

Best salad in Omaha/Lincoln?

Any nominees?

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  1. I haven't fully exhausted the dining scene in Omaha, and I don't usually order salads, but I liked the bite of my girlfriend's steak and gorgonzola salad at Jams, the potatoes made it.

    1. The Salad Nicoise at Taxi's.

      1. I'm a fan of McFoster's Health Nut Salad. Not as manly as the steak and gorgonzola, but packed with lots of incredible stuff.

        1. My wife and I get a Jams salad at least once a week and have for many years. She likes the the Coconut chicken and I like the Texas Chop. I think you'll really like either of those.
          The smoked chicken cobb salad at McKennas is pretty good too.