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Jun 13, 2008 09:37 AM

Recommendations for Providence tomorrow night

My wife and I are celebrating our third anniversary at Providence tomorrow night. This is our second trip but first post-pregnancy dinner there, meaning that she can eat fish. I have shell fish allergy. With that in mind, recommendations please!! Many thanks.

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  1. I'd go with a tasting menu but I'd give them a call today, tell them that's what you want to do and inform them of your allergy.

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    1. re: estone888

      second that. Do the Chef's tasting menu-if you have the budget

      . Call ahead and tell them it's your anniversary, you have a shellfish allergy, and she doesn't. Ask to talk to Donato-he will take good care of you-he's a grandmaster of supreme service and customer comfort. remind them when you get there of your allergies (they will remember, but with allergies, pro active is best!) No matter what you get, make sure your wife gets the spot prawns for one of her courses. Yu will be showered with sheelfish free heaven!

      If you can do the wine parings, do so. IF it is too much, ask Drew, the sommelier, to pick on or two or three wines to go with the meal.

      Chef Micheal Cimarusti is a genius, as is Adrian Vazquez, the god of dessert!

      I have severe nut, peanut, oyster allergies, and they have always done stellar in the not killing me department.

      Ohhh, that foccacia!

    2. Save room for dessert. Best part of the meal.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        well, no, I'd say more "integral and a great finish to a spectacular meal" Both savory and dessert courses are fantabulous

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          That was a diplomatic way of saying that the food (i.e. non-dessert items) at Providence are just ... not ... that ... great.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Frankly, I love your diplomacy, but am one of the many who disagree utterly wioth your opinion!

            Providence is amazing!

      2. Ditto the other responses.

        If the tasting meal is beyond your budget, and they have the northwestern salmon, it's the best fish dish ever. I had it as part of the tasting menu, and gladly would have paid the tasting menu price for just the salmon. It was that good.

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        1. re: mbh65

          Which tasting menu did you have?

        2. i am a big fan of providence and just ate there 2 days ago. we did the tasting menu and found some things to be great and others just average. the snapper sashimi with lime was amazing, the seared scallop with almond paste and sherry reduction was amazing, but the halibut and king salmon were just ok. Realize that Cimarusti is one of my favorite chefs so both of those dishes would have been good just about anywhere else...but i hold him to a higher standard and found them to be the least memorable and most average. I would certainly recommend the salt roasted santa barbara spot prawns though...they are in season and prepared perfectly.

          1. You can't go wrong with the tasting menu. Order their foie gras on the side, it's just amazing. The best foie gras i've ever tasted tied with this restaurant i've tried in montreal.

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            1. re: JMan604

              Thanks all for their recommendations. Unfortunately, we did not have a very disappointing experience. I've discussed at on a separate thread.

              1. re: lawdog262

                so you mean you had a good experience?

                1. re: Diana

                  My mistake in that last post. We had a poor experience on Sat. However, we've talked most of it through with Providence and at least with regard to the chef's menu fiasco, there seems to have been a failure to communicate. I understand their policy -- which is no flexibility on the chef's menu -- just wish they would have told us that when we inquired in December and when we called in advance to let them know about the allergy. My other post details the various issues with service and my comments regarding the food.

                  1. re: lawdog262

                    bbut there IS flexibility on the Chef's menu! Are you sure you had the Chef's, and not the 9 course? Whenever I reserve, I remind them I am allergic to nuts, oysters, clams, mussels. I always get the menu, and they alwasy make sure I'm safe, to the extent of coming out and asking me if they are not sure.

                    1. re: Diana

                      Diana: thank you for your post. Your experience is 180 degrees different from mine. Its also different from what Michael from Providence told me. I spoke with him yesterday for over twenty minutes, and he went on at length about how and why there is NO flexibility with the chef's menu. He also wanted to know what waiter had previously told us that there was. So, having been refused the chef's menu on Sat., having a lenghty discussion with the waiter about it at the time, and having had aonther discussion with chef/co-owner yesterday, I can tell you that it was made quite clear that there is no flexibility to a chef's menu.

                      We did not have either the Chef's menu or the tasting menu. We did not have the Chef's menu because the kitchen refused to work around my allergy. My wife could not have that menu because the kitchen will only do a chef's menu for the entire table.

                      We did not have the tasting menu. After being denied a chef's menu expeirence and treated poorly in doing so, we weren't inclined to drop the money on the tasting menu.

                      1. re: lawdog262

                        Did you tell them when you made the original reservation you wanted the Chef's menu and had allergies? If not, I can see having a hard time adapting it on the day.

                        If you did, I'm flat out flummoxed.

                        I'm so sorry you had a bad time! It is just so odd.

                        1. re: Diana

                          My wife made the reservations, so I don't know if she specifically said that we wanted the Chef's menu. However, it was quite evident in my conversation with Michael that that would not have made a difference. He told me flatly that he does not adapt the Chef's menu to accommodate individual diners, and went on to some length about the difficulties that can cause a kitchen.

                          1. re: lawdog262

                            Odd, cause he does it for me, and has done so for others. Maybe he meant "on the night" with warning (which I always give him, about a month_I remind them of my allergies when I reserve) there is time to plan.