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Jun 13, 2008 09:32 AM

Best bulk organic grains and beans

Where in town is the best place to buy organic grains and dried beans in bulk, that are fresh and reasonably priced Know about Central Market (super overpriced) and Whole Foods.

Where else would you suggest?

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  1. Sun Harvest, there are 2 locations, they are a bit different

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      The one on the north side seems to have a larger bulk section, but I wouldn't necessarily say it has a wider selection. Hard to tell because it's set up quite differently, with many legumes and grains in barrels that you scoop into Personally I find it easier to use the regular bins that open on the bottom, which is what you'll find at the S. Lamar location.

      However, I think Whole Foods (downtown) is the best for legumes and possibly grains, especially if you don't like Central Market. Sun Harvest has a smaller selection than either of them.

      Some HEBs have decent bulk sections as well.