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Jun 13, 2008 09:26 AM

pick your own strawberries near GTA? where and are they ready yet?

I think I want to try and make jam - scary - where are pick your own berry places in the GTA? I'm looking for something close enough for an afternoon outing with a Zipcar.

Also this might be a really stupid question but are the berries ready yet? If not any idea when they will be?

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  1. I haven't seen 'local' ones as yet but that's because my supermarket is very slow to get them in (and even at that, they have a poor 'shelf life' so most big supermarkets take few in quantity)
    I do pick your own (only rasberries) but they also have strawberries at Whittamore's...they are near the Toronto Zoo but your zip car should be able to do that trip..Call Whitamore's or go online...their telephone message is excellent and always up to date...
    905;294-3275 (not sure about this site)

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      They had local strawberries at the East Lynn market yesterday, and they are wonderfully sweet. Even saw some for sale at SunValley today, which is unusual for them.

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        I just bought some local strawberries from the Niagara region at Longo's today. They were wonderful!

        1. re: TorontoJo

          May I ask, which Longo's, if not all of them (I only have easy access to the ones in Markham and Thornhill)?

          BTW, this thread gives me a strong yearning for the "real" berries -- the small strawberries that can almost be described as tasting floral (I had some in the past from a friend's backyard in Toronto), and the tiny blueberries from Quebec that, again, tastes of a certain kind of perfume I cannot capture with words.

          1. re: tarteaucitron

            It was the one at York Mills and Leslie. They were wonderful -- small, juicy, actually tasting of strawberries. And they were red and juicy all the way through -- not like those giant abominations that are white and dry inside.

            I would imagine that all Longo's would have them, though.

            The sad thing is that they were displayed right next to the monsters from
            California. The local berries were in a cardboard box, not plastic.

      2. And a related question... does anybody know of any *organic* pick your own within a reasonable drive of the GTA?


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          that link that Marniee posted below has one on it from Markham.

          Although it's not totally organic, I don't think most local producers spray their berries. At least the ones i've bought from.

          And FYI, was in the haldimand norfolk region this weekend. A few roadside stands out selling berries. A big step up from California berries, in terms of flavour, but we're still not at peak sweetness.

        2. My nieghbour just came by and shared some beautiful strawberries he got at the liberty village farmers market this weekend, smallish, slightly tart and full of fresh berry flavour, unlike those huge, firm, flavourless supermarket ones...

          1. It appears that they will be ready for picking beginning this Wednesday. Check here:


              Applewood farms is great for Strawberries or Apples and as a bonus they have
              tasting bar with some of the most delicious fruit wines I have ever tasted.