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Jun 13, 2008 09:26 AM

Dishes best served cold?

My office doesn't have a kitchenette but I'd like to bring my lunch. Any suggestions beyond the basic sandwich/ salad? Any meal you've had at room tempereature that's been tasty?

So far I've only had fresh pesto with fresh hand made pasta that I brought and ate at room termp. that was just as good as eating warm.

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  1. Hummus and Pita
    Quiche or Frittata
    Leftovers - Pizza or Chinese
    Couscous Salad or Barley and Bean Salads
    Antipasto Platter or Charcuterie Plate
    Yogurt Parfait w/ Fruit and Fiber Cereal or Granola if you prefer
    Roasted Veggies

    1. Revenge. :-)

      I like poached salmon and poached chicken served cooled/room temperature. Roast chicken and fried chicken are also good cold. You could also make a steak salad with a rice wine vinaigrette.

      1. All forms of chicken, left over beef, musubi, pasta salads, ...

        1. sesame noodles
          fridge, or no fridge?
          Got a nucrowave? Shelf stable indian food?

          1. Soba noodles with dipping sauce -- bring the sauce separately or it will make the noodles very soggy. I learned the hard way.
            Jap chae -- Korean vermicelli noodles with meats/seafood/veggies
            Baba ghanouj
            Stuffed grape leaves

            Have you thought about getting a thermos? I love Mr. and Ms. Bento.