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Jun 13, 2008 09:14 AM

Kansas City BBQ---Recommendations?

My lovely wife is driving to Kansas City on Monday for a convention---and wants to sample some genuine Kansas City BBQ! She will be staying at the Crowne Plaza Central in Downtown KC, and her favorites are Louis Muellers, Coopers, and Rudys BBQ in Texas.
Any recommendations, preferably nearby, are welcome. Thanks, Hounds!!!

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  1. Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbeque
    101 W 22nd St
    Kansas City, MO 64108
    (816) 472-7427‎

    1. There are countless KC bbq discussions on this board. I'd recommend you review them for some helpful information on sauce, sides, etc. The usual suspects are LC's, Oklahoma Joe's, Arthur Bryant's, Gates, and Fiorella's Jack Stack, as mentioned by jm054. I'm probably forgetting someplace...

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      1. re: alan

        True... but I will say a couple things. First, I like Mueller's and Cooper's and Kreutz and Smitty's, too (like thecszar's wife) and I will say this about KC:

        LCs on the Blue Parkway is a good choice, in that it is a dump, with friendly staff and good food. Probably a 20 min cab ride, and hard to get back unless you feed the cabbie...

        Oklahoma Joes is in a service station -- yes, a gas station, on the edge of downtown, also good food, but not the likes of Cooper's ambiance...

        I had a very bad experience in the famous Arthur Bryant's -- I would never recommend to anyone.

        Gates may be good food, but (the one I saw) was a fast food joint setup... think Mickey D's with BBQ. You decide.

        Jack Stack is only fair BBQ, and it is... well... think Friday's or Chilis or Applebees of BBQ (IMHO)

        What I would recommend overall -- if its still there -- is Danny Edward's, right downtown. Small place, family run, outstanding pulled pork and ribs, when I was there. See if its still there. Here was my plate...

        1. re: woodburner

          Guys, thanks so much for your wonderful recommendations! If anyone else cares to weigh in, you are more than welcome, but this should get us started, along with the old threads. Thanks again!!!

          1. re: Thefoodczar

            Danny Edwards new location is close to where she's staying and according to our local food critic from the newspaper, it's pretty darn good. Location is better than the others as A.D. mentioned.

          2. re: woodburner

            Danny Edward's place is no longer downtown. He moved to SW Blvd last year. I haven't been to the new place, but I wasn't that taken with the old place. New location is still relatively close to downtown, and likely better than Jack Stack. Keep in mind, you're not getting TX BBQ here.

            LC's is tops. I've heard complaints about Bryant's, but I've never had a bad experience there. I think it's your best combination of convenience and quality. I'm assuming she's got a car. Also, I'm not sure how sensitive your wife is to neighborhood safety. My wife probably wouldn't visit Bryant's or LC's after dark alone. My sisters probably would though, and so would I.

            1. re: Aaron Deacon

              Guys, just like to report back that my lovely wife tried Arthur Bryants last night and had the burnt ends, pulled pork, and turkey. Her companion got the sausage. She loved it all, particularly the burnt ends and the sausage. Thanks again!!!

              1. re: Thefoodczar

                Thanks for the follow-up, glad she enjoyed it!