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Jun 13, 2008 08:51 AM

Coffee Pods in Toronto

Does anyone know where to buy coffee pods in a retail store in Toronto besides Timothy's or Starbucks ?

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  1. depends on the brand of your machine -- and which pod it takes

    but home outfitters sells quite a few varieties of tassimo ones

    1. Again, it depends on your brand, but I've seen them at Loblaws in the Club Pack section.

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      1. re: cheesymama

        I've got the Cuisanart "Cup o Matic" which takes the "teabag" type pods - but I will check out Loblaws.. Thanks

        1. re: donn

          Might want to check out Reunion Island. You can order directly from them online and they have sales from time to time. Roaster is in Oakville I believe (at least where they ship out from). I have a Bunn machine called "My cafe" that uses the type of pods it sounds like you are describing and they make pods for that machine. Good coffee.

      2. B Espresso bar on Queen just west of jarvis sells Illy pods and make a mean macchiato.

        1. Best Place to purchase Coffee pods in Canada is Cultured Coffee Bean at