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Jun 13, 2008 08:37 AM

Festival of Beer in Edmonton this weekend

Anybody going? I am for career research purposes. Has anybody been to previous years?

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  1. tell me more...where and when? How did I not see this?

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    1. re: foodiesnorth

      check it out on ticketmaster.
      It was tonight and tomorrow night.

      1. re: Bryn
        is the actual website for the event. Not well advertised. And any beer festival that lets Mountain Crest in is not about quality!

        I was going to go, but opted to spend my money on Indulgence (monday night's slow food/wine event) instead.

    2. The whole thing was badly advertised. There were more wine and hard liquor booths than beer. It was just a different venue to get pissed in. I was disappointed. I had visions of tasting panels in my head. Unfortunately it really didn't attract that sort of crowd.

      1. Maybe give it time to grow? The one in Toronto is a perennial sell-out. Even though a lot of the offerings are pretty mainstream, there are enough specialty options at that one to make it interesting.

        I agree that the Edmonton event was horribly advertised. I found out about it from the weekly "What's On" section of the Journal which comes out on Friday. Also, not sure why they're not continuing it until Sunday...

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        1. re: egon61

          I just found that it didn't have the maturity level I was expecting. I thought it would be like a low key casual wine tasting. It was like a frat party.

          1. re: Bryn

            They've removed last year's website, but when I first heard about this years, there was still material from last year up and it made it quite obvious it wasn't an event I would be interested in. There were photos that showed drunk peple dancing to DJs...which is fine, but not if you are going to sample new/interesting beer.

        2. I never heard of this either. Thanks for the update though. Hubby and I would love something like this but not with that "Frat" party venue. Uggh, so not our style. (Mountain crest.....shudder)

          We had steak last night with some Stella and a new Irish ale I'd never tried before called Smithwicks. It was a nice, darker beer. I enjoyed the change from the Keith/Stella usual in our icebox

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          1. re: livetocook

            Try some of the local beers. Amber and Alleykats are coming along. Their booths were more professional than most. Sherbrooke liquorstore has a crazy variety of beers if you want to try something new. Purdy's chocolate stout was one.