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Jun 13, 2008 08:19 AM

Morris County recommendations

I'm going to be visiting family in western Morris County for a several weeks. I grew up nearby but haven't spent much time there since the early 90's. What are your favorite smaller, hole in the wall type casual places.

I'm looking for things like pho, sushi, thai, dim sum, mexican, cuban. Also, great brunch places and your favorite independent coffee shops. I'm not looking for italian.

I know where to find this stuff in new york - and will be spending a lot of time there - but am wondering what gems I can find nearby.


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  1. Hmm..I would definately rule out Mexican and the only place somewhat decent is in East Hanover but the name doesn't come to mind. I wish we had Cuban but we don't so that would be out as well.

    There are two Vietnamaese restaurants one in East Hanover, Saigon Grill and the other in Florham Park although the name doesn't come to mind as well. I thought I saw a sign outside of Saigon Grill saying it was going to be a Thai restuarant although my eyes could be deceiving me.

    For dim sum it would have to be Noodle Chu in Parsippany on Route 46 next to the Home Depot and for Thai I like Thai Nam Phet in Rockaway on Route 46 and Andaman Sea in Morristown.

    My favorite brunch is at the Black Horse Pub in Medham and there are few decent diners in Denville. I don't eat a lot of sushi and when I do I like the fro fro places so I wouldn't be much help.

    As far as gems go, we like takeout at Pollo Pucular (rotisserie chicken) on MLK road in Morristown and Raouls Empanada's in Morristown as well. I hope I was somewhat helpful?

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      I would actually specifically recommend the Mexican place in East Hanover (which is called Don Jose -- Route 10 by the Home Depot). I go there all the time for lunch and have always had a great meal. The stuff there is fresh and you never get that "bloated, full" feeling you can get from average Mexican food. Also, their salsa is fantastic!

      Right next door is Penang, which is a Malaysian place (they also have Thai stuff on the menu) and it's also very good.

      Farther west on 10 is Molly Malone's, an Irish pub and the sister restaurant of the Dublin Pub in Morristown. It's very good -- nothing to go way out of the way for (it's pretty standard pub fare), but if you're nearby you'll get a decent burger, chicken sandwich, fish 'n chips, etc.

      I'll second the Nikko rec below. Excellent sushi place.

      Of course, I wouldn't call any of this "western MC" but this is what I'm most familiar with. The only thing I know that's specifically out that way is the Long Valley Brew Pub, which I think gets mixed reviews here, but it's certainly worth looking into.

      1. re: Tasi

        Would the other viet place in florham park be Viet Ai?

      2. I like Nikko on Route 10 ( in East Hanover for Sushi. I second Tasi's recommendation for Saigon House on Route 10 for great Vietnamese food. I hope they're not going to become a Thai restaurant (not that anything is wrong with Thai; I just think the food is great now!). I don't know of any Cuban places, but you could try The Great Wazu on Route 46 in Parsippany for the best excuse for a Cuban sandwich and many other tasty (though overpriced) sandwiches. No brunch or coffee places that I can think of, though I think in Montclair (Essex county) there are some good brunch places.

        Eh, Morris County sucks. And this is coming from a girl who grew up there and has a soft spot for the place.

        Keep us posted!

        1. I will second Andaman Sea in Morristown for Thai and add Origin, a Thai-French fusion place on South St. You didn't ask for Afghani food, but I can also recommend Pamir in Morristown, but only at dinner.