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Jun 13, 2008 08:16 AM

Most Authentic Greek Restaurant

Just got back from a vacation in Greece (Athens and a few islands). I'm not ready for Greek food yet but when I am, can anyone recommend a relatively-authentic restaurant. NW DC or Maryland is preferable. Thanks.

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  1. Not in the location you want, but Mykonos in Reston is really good. I took my brother, very familiar with Crete, when visiting me over Christmas and he really liked it - said it was authentic to what he knew from Greece.

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      Mykonos on rockville pike is very good. Odd location though.

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        I second Mykonos in Rockville! I've had simple quick family meals there, and drawn out multi-course meals with my wife, and we've always had great food and service.

        Mykonos Grill
        121 Congressional Ln Ste 104, Rockville, MD 20852

    2. If you can travel to Baltimore, The Acropolis, Ikaros, or Zorba's offer good Greek food.

      1. Oy, do a search before posting. There's a recent thread on the subject here:

        1. in DC there was a Greek patient of mine from many years ago who had a little deli in the international mall underground food court farragut west station go up escalators and down escalators to the food court. very authentic and owner is 1st generation greek.

          1. My Fiance and I like Samos in Greektown. It's reasonably priced and they're always reviewed well by the Sun, Baltimore Magazine and Zagat.

            We ate at Acropolis once and thought it was very good.