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Cabinet knobs & door pulls?

I am planning a complete kitchen overhaul and am interested in finding cool and unique cabinet knobs and door pulls. Online searches are overwhelming. Does anyone have some recommendations?

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  1. If you have a home expot design center (it's an upscale home depot store) near where you live, you could go there and look at their knobs and pulls. They have a pretty good selection but not so many as to overwhelm you. You might want to actually purchase them online though because the price kind of adds up quickly depending on how many cabinets and drawers you have.

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      Rocky Mountain, Paul Decorative, Colonial Brass, Top Knobs, Turnstyles, Valli & Valli, Von Morris, Omnia, fsb - to name a few upscale, interesting, fine decorative hardware lines depending upon your style.

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        I made my own (I have a glass kiln) - which doesn't help you but maybe seek out a local warm glass artist and commission some to your own design?

        Edit - OK - not sure why my reply ended up here, but it is in reply to the OP.

      2. Try Restoration Hardware. We just redid our kitchen and the knobs and pulls from there are very solid and very handsome.

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          We also redid our kitchen last year. After spending countless hours combing through the pulls available at HD, Expo, Lowes and a couple of local hardware stores, we decided to go with solid brass pulls from Restoration Hardware. They weren't cheap. But it was great to be able to see/feel the actual pulls, bring them home, and visualize how they'd look once installed.

          I know it's tempting to go with cheaper hardware, but you'll use your cabinet hardware every day, so make sure you love the ones you get! Restoration Hardware offers a 10% contractor's discount, so if you're using a contractor for your kitchen remodel (or know a contractor who will share their contractor's license number with you), it may be worth it for your contractor to place the order for you.

          Also, since the store we went to didn't have the number we needed in stock, they shipped us what we needed without charging us a shipping fee. And if you ever have any problems with them, they'll take them back, no questions asked.

        2. Try Lee Valley at www.leevalley.com under the hardware section.

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            Mine are from Lee Valley (as are the drawer pulls) and I'm well satisfied.

            If this will be your best kitchen, where you plan to cook until they pry your cookbooks from your cold, dead hands, take that into consideration. Your hands will get stiffer as you age (unless you are really really lucky) and choices you make now for easier to pull will make your future easier.

            1. Some very cool and eclectic pulls/knobs at Mackenzie-Childs.


              1. In addition to "finding cool and unique cabinet knobs and door pulls" think function as well as looks. You may have greasy or flour-covered fingers when you need to open a door. If the pulls/knobs have lots of crevices, cleaning them will be a b@#$%^&*.

                I had some knobs made using green beach rocks that have special meaning. Others I chose for both good looks and functionality. In the kitchen, I used brass "eggs" that can be opened by a single finger.

                1. When you decide on knobs/pulls, also consider WHERE on doors/drawers they will work the best. Several years ago, I painted my dark/dated kitchen cabinets a nice antique white. LOVED how it brightened up the space with just a can of paint... nothiing more dramatic was in budget. A few years later, they needed a little touch up. I realized that the bottom corners of upper cabinets and top corners of lower ones were always neediing a wipe down. Original handles were placed right in middle of door sides and I wasn't reaching for them most times. Before I gave them a fresh coat of paint, I removed handles and filled them in... then moved low on uppers and high on lowers.

                  1. You might try the Lee Valley Tools hardware catalog. Something is only likely to be unique if you have someone design and make it for you, but Lee Valley certainly has a wide variety of styles, materials, finishes and price points. You can find them online, though I find it a lot easier to browse their physical (paper) catalog.

                    1. I had some beautiful ones custom made with malachite inset at:


                      They are really beautiful and I was very happy with the customer service!

                      1. a california designer with fabulous drawer knobs - susangoldstick.com.

                        1. find a local _______artist and have them made.

                          and yes, consider function first.

                          1. We used Rocky Mountain Hardware. LOVE those!!!

                            1. I used a mix of Top Knobs and Restoration Hardware.