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Jun 13, 2008 07:36 AM

Japanese Steakhouse-Style Salad Dressing

Does anyone have a tested recipe for the bright orange salad dressing served at restaurants like Benihana? It has ginger and, most likely, carrot. Unlike the dressings I get at sushi restaurants recently, it is not neon-colored mayonnaise. I don't believe it has mayo at all.


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    1. re: kc72

      Thanks for the answer, but I don't think so. Unless I missed the right link none of them had the right color or texture.

      1. re: teamuse

        Sure looks like it! Thanks! I'll probably try both yours, teamuse, and yours, hannaone, and see which I prefer. Boy, I love recipes where the only instruction is "Chuck it all in a blender/precessor and have at it."

        1. re: teamuse

          I made the one from your post last night, teamuse. Wicked good! It distinctly upstaged the main course, Aromatic-Steamed Wild-Caught Sockeye Salmon with a Sake Buerre Blanc. I could really take or leave the fish but the salad rocked.

        2. You can try something like this but maybe at 1/2 or 1/4 for a test batch to see if it what you want.

          Japanese Style Ginger Carrot Salad Dressing

          1 onion
          2 Tbs salad oil
          1/3 cup rice wine vinegar
          3 oz ginger root
          2 small carrot
          1 stalk celery
          1 tomato
          1 Tbs Sesame oil
          4 tsp soy sauce
          2 tsp white sugar
          2 tsp lemon juice
          2 cloves garlic
          1/4 tsp ground black pepper
          2 Tbs White Miso
          1 tsp Sesame Seed

          1 Cut all vegetables into small chunks.
          2 Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.
          3 Add more water as needed to reach desired consistancy

          1. I can't help you with the recipe, but I love this brand, Jo's. The Ginger dressing is great and very similar, if not the same, to what I've had in restaurants.


            1. Hi rockycat, I was amazed when I tried this recipe (from Body+Soul mag) to discover that the carrot-ginger sauce is a dead ringer for Benihana-style dressing. It's a quick whirl in the food processor, and it keeps very well in the fridge: