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Jun 13, 2008 07:31 AM

Mango Salsa?

I would like a recipe for Mango Salsa that I can serve with grilled Mahi Mahi (freshly caught!). Any secrets?

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  1. I do fresh mango in cubes then fresh pineapple add fresh cucumber fresh red bells fesh garlic fresh Jalapeno and fresh cilantro. I toss it with rice wine vinegar and add a little walnut oil. Some times if the fruit is not sweet enough I add some brown sugar.

    1. If your mangos are really good you don't need more than a few supporting players- some red onion (deflamed), cilantro (essential in my mind), peppers (some combination of chiles/bell peppers) and a bit of lime juice (and maybe some salt). My proportions tend to lean heavily towards the mango.

      I love the flavor of this sort of thing, but it is also a colorful addition to a plate- vivid yellow, green, red. Sometimes you can choose your ingredients, or even additional fruits to add, based on color. I've grown purple chiles that are beautiful with mangos, even though they don't add much more than heat, but are a great addition nonetheless.

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          I do one very similar to this but add in some black beans. Good for you, and gives it a real color boost. Besides that, the combination really works, tastes great. Especially with fish.

        2. I made one recently from a McCormick & Schmick's recipe, we served it over grilled swordfish that was basted in a mango-bbq sauce. Awesome!

          1. I go with two unripe mangos to one ripe one.
            chopped red onion
            jalapeno, serrano, or both. I also don't like bell pepper with this. too strong.
            lime juice
            dash of reg white vinegar. Just my pref. I don't like rice wine vinegar with this.
            Tiny, tiny bit of cumin.
            Best secret is to give time for the flavors to meld in the fridge. Few hours at least.
            You can also dice in some avocado at the last minute to add some richness.

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              Alternatives to the green bells which can sometimes be a little bitter are to use cubanellas or plobanos. Sometimes I just want the green color.

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                Ouch! I was about to say make it up and serve it just before you use it. Maybe just long enough to chill it. I like being able to distinguish the flavors, and when mango and red onion take on the flavor of the other, it gets nasty.
                That freshly caught Mahi Mahi sounds awfully good. ..