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Jun 13, 2008 07:21 AM

Please help!!! Need rec for b-day dinner in Somerset NJ. Anything nice.

Regardless of cuisine, just need a recommendation for a good place to eat in Somerset area. Thanks.

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  1. If you are celebrating a special event definitely go to the pluckemin inn in bedminster. This is by far the best restaurant in Somerset NJ. This is a guarantee.

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    1. re: agruel

      With respect, agruel, we found the Pluckemin Inn (and the Tewksbury Inn) to be overpriced, and hardly worth it. The fare is very good but nowhere near great; the high end style and service is gift wrapping for a present that doesn't fulfill its promise. (Btw, Pluckemin Inn isn't in Somerset but in Pluckemin, ergo the name. :-))))

      Try Splash of Thai in Somerville. You'll save money and walk away smiling. Here's our review:
      We're not alone in loving the place.. Splash just got a 3 star rave in the Newark Star Ledger.

      1. re: mmgpsych

        To be honest I can't speak for the Tewksbury Inn as I have yet to dine there. My support for the Pluckemin Inn comes from the fact that their products are so fresh. They promote local New Jersey produce and meats and the flavor difference is evident when comparing it to the mass manufactured frozen food that many restaurants "claim" is fresh. Splash of Thai is wonderful, I agree with you on that. I guess I am judging the entire dining experience from the greeting, to the interior design, to the silver on the table, the plates, wine service, linen..... This is where I feel Pluckemin Inn trumps the rest.

        And isn't Pluckemin part of somerset county??

        1. re: agruel

          There's a Somerset County, and Somerset, NJ, which is what I thought the OP was asking about. Not important. And I agree with you that the dining 'experience' in Pluckemin Inn is very good, and you do feel like royalty (as you do in the Bernards Inn) but for us, the food doesn't quite live up to our hopes. I suppose you could say it's too much gift wrapping and not enough present. Still, it's nice to park your car in their lot between two Bentleys . . . :-)))

    2. Augustus67, based on your previous comments regarding diners in Somerset, I was under the impression that you lived in Somerset (the town). If this is correct, I'd recommend you consider some of the finer restaurants in nearby New Brunswick. There are many, many discussions about NB restaurants so you might want to do a search on this board.

      If, however, your request pertains to Somerset County, that opens up the field tremendously.

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      1. re: ambrose

        my parents live in somerset. thank you for your suggestions one and all. much appreciated.

      2. Can you tell us a little more about your price range?

        Pheasant's Landing on Amwell Ave in Hillsborough is reliable American with Swiss standards. It has indoor and outdoor dining. Obviously, not on level of Pluckemin Inn, but a nice local place for lunch or dinner.

        I'd second Splash of Thai in Somerville also.

        Several nice spots in NB: Might want to try Christopher's in the Heldrich; Soho on George, Frog & the Peach (if you're spending lots of money).

        If you don't mind trekking to Rocky Hill via South Middlebush Ave, there are some nice spots there.