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Jun 13, 2008 07:08 AM

Where to buy Sake in Raleigh

I am looking for a place that would have a nice selection of Sake in the Raleigh area.

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  1. Go to HT at Cameron Village or call, ask for Mike the wine consultant. Ask him to look in his catalogs and see what sakes are in the Raleigh area. Back up, HT is Harris Teeter. My bad. Then if he gives you some choices, you could do a little research, find out which ones you would like to try and ask him to order some for you. Or go to that Asian market in Cary, near the Burlington Coat Factory, it is in an old fashion little mall. They would have some, I would think. There may already be a couple of inexpensive sakes on the shelf at Harris Teeter.

    1. Earth Fare in Asheville has a selection of sakes. You might want to try their location there.

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        Call the Raleigh location & ask for Sarah - she is the Specialty Dept. manager.
        She's very helpful!

      2. Check your local wine stores. I know that A Southern Season in Chapel Hill has a decent Sake selection, for example.

        Wine Merchant or other good wine stores can probably assist you.

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          Thank you, I was going to hit the Southern Season sale on Sunday, will make sure to do so after noon.

        2. Try the liquor store at the Seaboard Station area. They stock may internationally specific wines.

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