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Jun 13, 2008 07:06 AM

Chelsea Recommendation?

Recommendation needed for Saturday Night, pre-concert (Metropolitan Room 22nd/5th & 6th) Anniversary Dinner in Chelsea. Moderately priced, pleasant (casual) atmosphere, all cuisines considered. Thanks!

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    1. Giorgio's of Gramercy

      1. Hill County on 26th if you like bbq. I went to Leahbaila's suggestion Markt, for dinner once and to be honest really didn't like it.

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        1. re: misnatalie

          I'm a big fan of Markt. Lobster in a pan and steamed sole are two of my favorite dishes. They also have a very good burger.

          Another option not yet mentioned is Le Zie. A little further afield, La Lunchonette is a great place for a moderately priced romantic (not at all on the outside, but romantic on the inside) dinner.

        2. Klee Brasserie on 9th Ave @ 22nd
          Maybe on the high end of "moderately price" but excellent food.

          1. Grand Sichuan on 24th and 9th if you like Chinese. Klee is pretty good too.