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Hooters to open in Saugus, MA

I just read in the Lynn Item that the Town of Selectman approved unanimously to allow the opening of a Hooters in Saugus on Rt 1 South where the Famous Dave's was located, Boy the atmosphere and the wings are awesome at Hooters I for one will be looking forward to this one,


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  1. That's a strange place for a Hooters. I mean Route 1 in Saugus, who woulda thunk that? I'm shocked and chagrined. ;-)

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      Sooo... who wants to arrange a chowhound gathering there? I'm in. ;)

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        Oh and Golden Banana is not horrible just 2 miles north on Route 1? GB even has trucks with advertising all over the north shore.

      2. Are you serious? I find their wings to be awful. I lived in Rochester NY for 7 years and any corner pizza place makes better wings. Even the worst wings are better then hooters.

        1. I got dragged to a Hooters in Orlando not too long ago. The wings are wretched, heavily breaded; the other dishes served looked inedible.

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              Ha ha! I'd have loved to have been...not a fly on the wall, I'd prefer to be a big fat scary cockroach on the floor...for that one.

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                You MUST get the wings "naked" (without breading). Then they are pretty good. The breaded ones are aweful.

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                  My old roomate (originally from upstate NY) used to order wings at Hooters "naked", meaning without breading. If you're ever dragged in again, try them that way, there really isn't much to complain about. Good sauce, good sized wings, properly fried, fantastic service ;)

                  Plus it's just fun ordering something naked at Hooters. Or maybe that's just me... I'm delightfully tacky, yet unrefined.

                2. Not sure where in the Item you read that. The below article from the Item states the vote on Hooters by the Board of Selectman won't take place until July 10. There was a public hearing on June 10, no vote was taken. This is the 4th time Hooters will attempt to get a license.


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                    The Board of Selectmen Tuesday unanimously approved Hooters' bid to take over the building left vacant by the barbeque joint in a 4-0 vote. Chairman Donald Wong sat out of the discussion because, as owner and operator of Kowloon, he is a liquor license holder, which presents a conflict of interest.

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                      The owner of Kowloon is on the Saugus board of selectmen? That is too fricking hilarious.

                  2. So the real question is, do they have owl wings? The last ones I had were gamey. :(

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                      I like owl wings, but the meat to bone ratio doesn't make it worth the effort.

                    2. My question: was there one poster on this thread that was a woman? Just wondering -I'm guessing mostly men responded. (for the record, i am a female...and was dragged a Hooters once in Tampa/St Pete by a male, who swore they had the best wings around.) I think they were ok but they weren't that memorable...

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                        I am a woman and I LOVE Hooters wings. no, they are not the BEST WINGS EVER!. but Hooters wings naked are YUMMERS!. I have always enjoyed hooters but I have no "issue" with it. I find that alot of women feel like they might as well be dragged to a strip club.

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                          Went to the Hooters in Clearwater, FL a couple of weeks ago - wings were ok but compared to Buff's Pub...absolutely no contest!!!!! Totally spoiled by Buff's!!!

                      2. More importantly...will Hooters be the one format to stick in that location?
                        Within the last few years alone have seen East Side Mario's(Italian), then Chevy's (Tex/Mex), then Famous Dave's (BBQ), and now Hooter's.

                        1. The sign out front already says "Coming Soon Hooters! We love the Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, and Bruins!"

                          I welcome them. Hopefully they actually last at that location. It is too bad Saugus kicked them out when they wanted to open in the location that is now Tabu. Now everyone in Saugus absolutely hates Tabu and the trouble it causes. It seems like Saugus should just build in police stations next to both Tabu and Oasis.

                          1. Have you actually tried the wings at Hooters? The Boston area doesn't exactly hit the high mark when it comes to wings... especially in a place where you can watch the game on a big screen TV and have a few beers. And to top it off, it's cheap. Those points being made, I think there's plenty of relevance in this thread.

                            Maybe we could take this thread in a new, more Chow-ish direction. What places in the Boston area have good wings, are sports-oriented, and serve cheap beer (in pitchers I may add)? If there's a better alternative to Hooters, let's hear 'em!

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                              Buff's pub.

                              Buff's Pub
                              317 Washington St, Newtonville, MA 02458

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                                There was a Hooters near the Garden, where lots of people go to watch games on a big screen TV and have a beer. It failed. Miserably. I guess the chicken wings and breasts weren't popular enough in Boston. Why would it succeed just a few miles to the North?

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                                  The Hooters near the Garden didn't fail, New England Wings Inc. who owned a few New England Hooters went bankrupt. The place was jammed just like every other bar down there during Celtics and Bruins games.

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                                    Failure on behalf of an owner's business decisions doesn't necessarily reflect the failure of the establishment itself.

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                                      I was dragged there once along with a group of 5 or 6 guys, on a night when there was no game at the Garden. It was empty. Dead empty. Maybe two tables in the whole place were occupied.

                                      It is true that on game nights it got crowded; I'd walked by there on game nights and seen crowds there like everywhere else, but my experience was: no game, no crowd.

                                      Oh yeah, in addition: the waitress was a dingbat and the food sucked out loud.

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                                  Windy City Pizza has some damn good wings/tenders, but it isn't sports-oriented and I don't think they have beer.

                                  Windy City at Adams Village Pizza
                                  516 Gallivan Blvd, Dorchester Center, MA 02124

                                  1. re: heWho

                                    Hooter's is hardly cheap!
                                    They nickel and dime you on everything that should come with wings (celery, carrots, blue cheese).

                                    1. re: heWho

                                      I've tried the wings at hooters, they suck. In fact all of the food sucks. The place is tacky, dumb, not even particularly entertaining. The outfits look like leftovers from a bad 70s roller rink.

                                      Hooters is for losers.

                                      I can think of a dozen places in beantown that do decent wings, with Buff's leading the charge.

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                                        So I guess convincing you to order their cookbook is out of the question ?? :)


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                                          Maybe a fishing trip?..:)


                                          IV was in Boston a few weeks ago.

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                                              Hmmm....lucky to find someone working there who could write their name....may be a collector's item...was it in crayola ?

                                              (apologies in advance to any former Hooters servers or their families on CHOW...just a joke)

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                                                Actually the signatures are done in CFM-Red nail polish. But they really just signed Xes.

                                      2. Wouldn't waste my time or money. I mean do you really go for the food?

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                                          Has anyone heard if this is open yet?? Labor Day is this weekend when they said it would be open by

                                          1. re: suslak615

                                            As of Wednesday evening the letter sign out front still said "HOOTERS coming soon, Now Accepting Applications" and there was no real hooters sign up yet to replace the dave's sign they took down. I'll be passing it in about 4 hours so if i remember I'll report back what i see.

                                            1. re: scorp508

                                              No change. I passed by 10 minutes ago and they still have the hiring sign up.

                                              1. re: scorp508

                                                The Hooters sign is up but nothing is on the white sign where they previously said hiring.

                                        2. I went to the Hooters in San Antonio not too long ago (meeting colleagues for beers after dinner at the very appealing Water Street Oyster Bar). It was hilariously awful, and, surprising to me, basically like a big sports bar, lots of 20-something men and women hanging in groups, there to drink and watch the game on the giant plasmas. Somebody in my party ordered the non-naked wings, which are indeed dreadful; breading Buffalo wings is a spectacularly bad idea.

                                          Another guy there ordered the Cobb salad -- the Cobb salad at Hooters! -- and was amazed when what arrived was disgusting. I pointed out that it pretty much looked like what was pictured on the menu (every dish has a photo, presumably for illiterate patrons), and that I would never let him forget that he once ordered a Cobb salad at Hooters. The pitchers of cold, watery American lager were fine, and our waitress was a sweet girl soon to matriculate at Southern Methodist, not a career server.

                                          The whole place could seem depressing, like a strip club for guys too timid to confront actual live, naked women, but instead it was more like a particularly loud, overlit, kind of dirty (in the literal sense) TGI Friday's with really bad food. I supposed Saugus could do worse than one of these things, but not much.

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                                            Thank you for confirming my decade-ago experience at the St. Louis outpost of Hooters. It's still a terrible idea, terribly executed. The only way Saugus could do worse is with a Chuck E. Cheese (and if there's already one there, well, make that ANOTHER Chuck E. Cheese.)

                                          2. Seems like a natural "third stop" in the Saugus tour after Angela's Pizza Kitchen and Karl's Sausage Factory

                                            Harp...you in ???

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                                              What, for Golden plantains???


                                              1. re: Harp00n

                                                A rare breed of owl that's in season in this case...

                                            2. A Hooters in Saugus...where you can throw a brick across the river and hit a dog track? Is this some sort of cultural dumb-down to the 'hood?
                                              I like the naked wings with medium sauce; I object like others here for being nickeled-and dimed for extra blue cheese.
                                              Hey, even in ultra-liberal, feminist, green, tree-hugging, Boulder Colorado, whole families dine peacefully at Hooters, oblivious and desensitized to the pulchritudinous distractions.
                                              I'm sure Hoo-ters is enjoying this pre-opening Hoo-pla.

                                              1. I just read online that the new Hooters on Route 1 South in Saugus is opening on Saturday September 20th.

                                                1. I HATE HOOTERS! Too much noise from the sports fanatics and TV's, lousy food and phoney corporate servers. When I saw the title of this post I thought that it pertained to Saugus, in suburban Los Angeles County, California which is a area with far too many mediocre chain restaurants. As I regularly drive past/through this area I'm glad it's opening far away!

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                                                    Move this thread back to the Boston forum, where people can review the new Saugus location, which should be open by now.

                                                    1. re: suslak615

                                                      Sorry, but this board is the place where the food at franchised restaurants is discussed. We do this so that people may pool information on franchised food (where recipes and preparations are the same at each location across the country) in one convenient place.

                                                  2. I am a woman and I actually made my boyfriend take me to Hooters once so I could see what all the fuss was about. I had a great time, the waitresses are really nice.

                                                    My town is famous for not being able to maintain restaurants, chains or non-chains. Bertucci's lasted just a few months. Damon's lasted not much longer. My town is all about the buffet. If it's a buffet, the line is wrapped around the corner. The screaming, yelling and protesting when Hooters made plans to come to town was unprecedented.

                                                    They are having the last laugh, though. They are the only non-buffet that is successful. The parking lot is always full when you drive by.