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Jun 13, 2008 06:26 AM

Need a great restaurant in Arlington/Dallas

I am looking to get a gift certificate for a friend in the Arlington area, and I don't live there. Can anyone recommend a really nice/romantic place with great food?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. In north Arlington there is Piccolo Mondo, a nice italian spot that serves up good, mostly southern italian food made entirely in house. It leans to the romantic side and has a piano player on the weekend, but not in a cheezy way. There is Olenjack's that has pretty darn good new american food in a nice spot with a little bustle. Then there is Cacharel, an Arlington old-timer. They serve what you might call continential fare. Kind of a special occasion place. I havent been there in years, but it was always good, just not terribly exciting. Break out the navy blazer. Most everything else is chain or down scale mexican. South Arlington probably has some places too.

    1. Piccolo Mondo and Olenjacks are great recommendations. I would pick Olenjacks for more interesting food and atmosphere.

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        thanks all - does anyone know anything about a place called Lanny's Kitchen in Ft. Worth?

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          Lanny's is considered one of the best mexican resturants in town. Its not your typical tex-mex stuff (enchilada's etc), more along the lines of Rick Bayless' Frontera or Topolobampo. This board should have plenty of reviews.

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            Lanny's Alta Cocina? Search the board man, many will tell you it's the best restaurant in town.

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              check out, click on search on the left side of the page and put in "lanny's." You'll see three reviews, one vegetarian, and two carnivorous, all with pictures. Also, there's an interview with Lanny.

              Sorry I can't provide a link to the reviews, it's because of the computer I'm on at the moment.