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Patio engagement party for 50

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I recently got engaged and my Fiancé wants to have an engagement party in late august at a restaurant that has a patio/deck so our guest can be outside. We were originally thinking about Sophia’s Grotto in Roslindale, we tried it last night and were very disappointed with both the food and service (a few dishes were spectacular such as the scallops au Groton and few dishes were bad such as the spicy mussels). We are willing to look into any place regardless of price in the Boston area (Boston, Brookline, Brighton, Newton, Waltham, Cambridge, Somerville). Quality food is a must! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. A few thoughts: Rocca, Dante, Hamersley's, B&G Oyster, Harvest, Cuffs at the Jurys Hotel, possibly Oleana (though I'm not sure it seats 50 or can be reserved).

    1. danyboy,
      Last June friends and I sat outside at the wonderful patio at the Extended Stay place in Charlestown that is right on the bridge there. The name escapes me but they have a beautiful inside restaurant, also. Think it is a Marriott. Right on the Atlantic with a nice breeze.

      1. I'll toss in another vote for Oleana... I attended a lovely fall wedding reception on their patio... no sit down meal, but lots of delicious tapas-y treats. There were at least 50 people there and it was reserved, though it was several years back...

        1. The patio at 28 Degrees is pretty & comfortable, and there's music and a dancefloor inside. It's festive, and if your party is taking over, it will mitigate any of the too-cool-for-school-ness of it. I've only been once, but the food we had was great

          1. My first thought was Dante - very pretty view along the Charles and great food. Also, I've attended a couple of functions and Joanna, who is charge of private parties, does a great job.

            5 Cambridge Pkwy, Cambridge, MA 02142

            1. I just looked at the patio at the residence inn by marriott and the space looks great. I am in need of a place for my rehearsal dinner, for 60ppl! I left a message for the sales women and am awaiting a call back. I did speak to the catering manager and he seemed very nice to work with. It's called of the Harborwalk Cafe.


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                I work just across the bridge in Cambridge, so I often go to the Harborwalk since it's convenient and has free parking on the side of the building. The outdoor space is wonderful on a nice day, but I don't think I'd want to end up inside (unless you want a conference-room feel); the indoor dining area definitely feels like a breakfast room at a basic hotel. Also, in terms of the food, I'd put it squarely in the "average" category. The menu is fairly basic, and I've really only had sandwiches, but you may want to try it out to make sure the options available meet your expectations.

                I'd also second Rubee's suggestion for Dante--the patio is nice and the food is a bit higher end than you'll find at the Harborwalk, if that's what you're looking for.

                Residence Inn-Harbor/Tudor Wrf
                34 44 Charles River Ave, Boston, MA

              2. Biagio's in Waltham has a wonderful patio, with parking!! The lounge area is great for overflow (or weather...) and the food is great.

                Biagio Ristorante & Bar
                123 Moody Street, Waltham, MA 02453

                1. Thanks for all the sugestions! I will be holding th party at either Biagios or Dante, they were both exactly what i was looking for!