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Jun 13, 2008 05:38 AM

Moving to Charlotte from NYC need recs

My son is moving to Charlotte next week to work for BOA and would like to get some dining recommendations for interesting dining spots in the uptown area, both upscale and hole in the wall places.

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  1. I will tell you that MOST of the interesting dining spots are NOT in the uptown area. However, there are a few good ones. For more upscale or midscale: Ratcliffe on the Green, Blue, Town, LaVecchia's Seafood (I haven't been there in years but used to enjoy it; don't know how it is now, though), G.W. Finn's (a chain, but there are only two of these in the country, the other being in New Orleans), Bentley's, McNinch House, Cosmos, Feast, Latorre's, Monticello, Luce and Coco Osteria (tha last two are Italian restaurants, but I should tell you that there are some better Italian joints in Charlotte away from downtown). Just outside of the uptown area there is Carpe Diem, Fig Tree, Customshop (this particular place is not one of my favorites, but some people may recommend it).

    For places not upscale: Alexander Michael's (a local favorite tucked away in Fourth Ward, which is a downtown residential area), Mert's Heart & Soul, Simmons Fourth Ward Restaurant, Green's Lunch, Lola's, Tic Toc (some of these places only serve lunch). Just outisde of the uptown area are NoFo and Nikko (a sushi joint). You can also hop on the lightrail, and it will take you right to Mac's Speed Shop, a local favorite.

    1. The Penguin Drive-In in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood is a great place.

      1. Hole-in-the-wall: it's a chain down here, but every northern transplant needs to have a go at Waffle House.